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January 28, 2016 - Comments Off on CS Presents | Innovation vs Creativity

So hopefully the years got off to a good start and you're beginning to think about all those great cultural events you love to attend midweek. If that just so happens to be true, you're in luck, Creative Social have got a bamboozlingly good line-up for their next night and they've been ever so kind to hand us a couple of tickets to give to a pair of budding young creatives.

The people you'll have the chance to get close to are: Ben Little from Fearlessly Frank, Caitlin Ryan from Cheil Worldwide, Chris Clarke from DigitasLBi, Nadya Powell from Sunshine, Sam Ball from M&C Saatchi & Victoria Buchanan from Tribal Worldwide.

The title for the evening as you may have noticed from up top is, "Innovation VS Creativity" but if like me that isn't quite enough information for you to go on they've given us a little more.

"Over the last few years the industry has been fixated on the word innovation. But what does it mean? And what is its relationship with creativity? How are they different? Does it really matter?"

Sounds good right? If I haven't wetted your appetite enough for the event you can find out more info here.

If this sounds right up your street ping me an email and it could be your lucky day. All entries to:




January 26, 2016 - Comments Off on YCC X Creative Equals | Free IPA Course

OK, so we'll admit we haven't shared the results of the YCC x Creative Equals survey with you just yet... But the insights have been really interesting and we've been busy working behind the scene's to see what opportunities we can offer you young female creatives. Before we get to the in-depth results we have our first great partnership and training to announce...

BEHOLD! With thanks to Creative Equals and Major Players, we bring you one sponsored place on the very prestigious IPA Foundation Certificate course. You guys told us money was an issue preventing you getting through your placements but now we can offer you a FREE spot to get an AMAZING qualification that should speed those placement months right along so you can get into the industry quicker. These courses are usually only open to IPA members but not only have they opened them up for one of you lucky girls, it also usually costs £225(+VAT) which Major Players will kindly cover.

Be quick, the deadline is 6pm TOMORROW! Yes, Wednesday 27th January at 6pm. If you’re chosen you’d have to complete 35 hours of e-learning ready for your exams on 22nd Feb.

All you need to do is send us a link to your portfolio and 100 words in an email to saying why you should get the spot. You just need to be a young female creative, with some existing placement experience.

January 26, 2016 - Comments Off on Big Bowls 2016 | The Review

Last night saw the third year of our inter agency bowling tournament held at All Star Lanes in Shoreditch. With last years winner John Yorke absent, there was guaranteed to be a new owner of the biggest advertising trophy you can get your hands on.

After eight first round matches, three semi-finals and a tense six-player final, we had a winner. Fold7 have now made it two winners in a row, as Account Exec, Jamie Herman, took home the trophy with a strike on his last throw. Read more

January 21, 2016 - Comments Off on What’s in a Name?

I was tagged in a Twitter conversation yesterday about creative team names. How you decide who name comes first? You know. Is it Andy & Chris or Chris & Andy? Laura & Mandy or Mandy & Laura?

Would Ant & Dec just be another pair of Geordies if they were Dec & Ant? And would Dick & Dom be slightly more memorable than Dick & Dom? (See what I did there…?)

Seriously though. It’s like BBH being HBB or BHB. Or AMVBBDO being VMA OBBD. Or RKCR Y&R being even harder to remember. It might sound silly, but it could make all the difference. Make it roll off the tongue and you’ll be on everyone’s lips.

  • Do you want to be another Adam & Dan?
  • Or conjure up something like Oh La La Creative?
  • Can you mash your names to become LuNa?
  • Or use your initials?
  • Should you go alphabetical?
  • Should it be ladies first?
  • Or should it be whoever buys the URL first?

Actually. It doesn’t matter what you do. Just make sure you’re as memorable for your work, as much as your name. Because that’s what’ll really get you noticed.