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November 28, 2016

Your Future | Arcola Theatre

Mentorship program happening next year!

Do you live in Hackney and are you looking to get some extra experience under your belt? If so, Your Future is the enterprise program you've been looking for. The program is open to 18-24 year olds, living in Hackney with at least an NVQ level two in something creative /design based.

The program involves a week of training, helping you develop skills in the creative process, followed up with a real project with a local business mentoring you through.

As the program is supported by the council you'll have to either be in part-time study or part-time work. If you're interning and have gaps it's worth applying.

Read more about it here.


November 22, 2016

Mother | 6-Sheet Winner

When you’ve only got one shot at impressing Mother in with a 6-sheet poster in their reception, you need something that’ll stand out.

As the deadline for entries slammed shut last night we had to sift through over 50 odd entries to determine who would be the worthy winner of our week’s ad space just before Christmas.

Before we reveal the winner, we’ll offer up a some notable entries that had us in stitches and arguments.

Michael Stalker went bold. And a bit bonkers. We’re pretty sure he emailed us a Snapchat by mistake, but I think that’s why it nearly made the cut.

Baldvin Thormodsson decided to sell his body. Think Sagmeister meets student stuck in a 6-sheet poster site.

Dan & Roan got their mum’s to write their testimonials. Sadly because most parents really don’t understand what we do for a living, we now know they can make their own bed and like raiding the fridge.

Alex Robertson’s Instagram feed is definitely worth a follow.

Archie & Rob decided to send us a weird greetings card. Think topless Santas. Rob’s nips look a bit chilly too.

Carys & Phill were offering us the chance to get our hands on some ad figurines. If you want a Cadbury’s Gorilla in cardboard and cellophane, then you can get one here.

And our Feraru & Ferraresi pushed the winners close with their Mona Lisa Italo-Romanian remake.

So after all said and done. We whittled it down to one. And that one was *drum roll*...


It really ap-peeled (see what I punned there) to us.

Nighthawk & Angelcake

Well done team. Your ad will be pride of place in Mother London between 12-16 December. Nice one.

Thanks a bunch to everyone that entered. If you want to get your foot in the door, remember to check out our Crit Me list for loads of industry contacts.

November 11, 2016

Cause2Create X YCC X Creative Conscience | Live Brief

We've teamed up with Cause2Create and Creative Conscience to bring you a brief that really could make a difference in the world.

The brief is come up with solutions that connect refugees, this could be connecting them in camps, into where they arrive or to their families back home. The brief is open to you solutions whether they're product, advertising, a platform, anything! The only must is that they're feasible to produce, there's no big budget here. Think grassroots, partnerships things you might be able to do yourself with a bit of backing.

Head over to // to read the full brief and get thinking!


creative-conscience c2clogo

November 1, 2016

Get Into Mother London

We’ve got a very special competition launching today – with a prize that can’t be bought.

We’ve acquired a 6-sheet poster site INSIDE Mother London and we’re giving it away to one lucky person/team for a week.

That’s 1800mm x 1200mm of goodness in Mother’s reception. You can even go and see it in-situ – and we might be able to pull a few strings and get a book crit too. If you’re around that week, obviously. And that week is also Mother’s Christmas party week. So it’ll get maximum exposure.

To be in with a chance to win your first ever ad spot, simply send a PDF submission to the brief below.



It’s as open as that. Think clever, interesting and different. This isn’t a wall at your degree show, it’s a proper ad. But we want you to sell your wares. Be it your ads, your side projects or yourselves.



No latecomers. Judging happens that night and we need to supply the artwork by the Monday after.


  • Just send a scaled down PDF for now. Not a 400 meg file. If it can’t be emailed, it’s too big. Save it as 'smallest file size'.
  • It’s a portrait poster and it’s huge. Anything you send us must be able to be scaled. Don’t even think about sending us a 300px x 300px grab off the internet. It’ll look shit.
  • InDesign is your friend. We’ll artwork the thing, so don’t panic about that. We’ll just need your open working files if you win. Don’t flatten anything.
  • It doesn't have to be polished. You'll have as much chance of winning with a doodle as something that's Mac'd.
  • Have fun.

Good luck.