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October 30, 2017 - Comments Off on CS Presents…F**K That’s GOOD!

CS Presents…F**K That’s GOOD!

So big news y'all. The next Creative Social is going to be their last one. Fear not we're thinking they'll be back with something fresh in the new year they've got hidden up their ideas sleeve.

But, what it does mean is if you want to get to get your creative dose of lovely information now is the time to get your hands on a ticket.

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October 24, 2017 - Comments Off on Competition brief: Winter donations

Competition brief: Winter donations

Students, grads, interns, creative beings… it’s competition time and boy do we have a good one.

In partnership with the Cause2Creative festival this year we’ve got a live brief and could not only have a real impact on those in need but your career.

The brief is for the charity Safe Passage who help unaccompanied child refugees find safety in the UK. Your creative brains will be helping them get donations this winter. But I’ll let the brief talk for it’s self, download here



Moving onto those all important prizes for YOU:

Top three entries will be showcased in the Impact and Action Gallery at Cause2Creative’s festival #CreateChange 18th November 2017. Presented on A2 boards for industry eyes to see. We’ll also share your work and portfolios on the YCC feeds.

Winner: Paid creative placement at a top agency & ticket to D&AD Festival April 2018.

Runners-up: Book Crit with THREE Creative Directors & YCC goody bag.

The deadlines Friday 10th November so  GO GO GOOOO!

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October 18, 2017 - Comments Off on Creative Politics

Creative Politics

We kicked off this month with a super-exciting event. Teamed up with Edelman, we invited speakers from the world of advertising, design and political strategy to give us an inspiring insight into the world of politics and how to persuade a fickle nation. For those that couldn’t make it (and even those that did), here are the highlights of the evening.
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October 6, 2017 - Comments Off on Creative Social, AI & The Future Of Creativity.

Creative Social, AI & The Future Of Creativity.

We sent Lara Baxter & Edie Gill-Holder to this weeks Creative Social, get her low down on all things AI here:

Creative Social’s Production Social event, AI & The Future of Creativity, hosted in the very shiny and very spacious Twitter buildings, featured six diverse talks that, albeit concerning completely different uses of AI, seemed to thematically be about ridding us of the ideas that (a) the future success of AI will mean we’re all out of a job and (b) that computers don’t have the potential to be creative.

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October 5, 2017 - Comments Off on DMA: Big Book Crit (Autumn ’17)

DMA: Big Book Crit (Autumn ’17)

Looking for feedback on your work from leading creatives in agencies up and down the country? Well, you're in luck. the DMA Big Book Crit is back for it's Autumn edition in four location nationwide.

It's free to attend and you can be a student or a grad – so long as you have an ad portfolio.

This year they're at:

PSONA in London on Tuesday 17 October 6-9pm

Norwich University of Arts in Norwich on 19 October 5-9pm

Whitespace on Wednesday 1 November 6-9pm

Indicia on Wednesday 15 November 6-9pm

And if you want feedback on their DMA Breakthrough Award brief, there's an opportunity to do that too.