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Cannt Be Replaced : Day 4

Get the dish on what went down during day four.

Ed | Analogfolk

This morning started with a fun brainstorming session for another cool brief that creatives Holly and Julie had just started working on. Later we began to go through some of the work that I have been doing this week, and they gave me some really helpful suggestions on how push them a bit further. So another great day at AnalogFolk! Despite all of the flooding and train issues. I can’t believe it’s been day 4 already, It has gone so quickly!!

Max | CHI & Partners

When I arrived in the office today everybody was in a pretty good mood after taking home a cyber gold lion for Lexus' hoverboard last night. Had a casual celebration champagne for lunch and kept on working on the Super Bowl brief for the rest of the day. Everything is set up for a big finish tomorrow.

Tom & James | Wunderman

Having woken up expecting to row ourselves to work, the journey to the Wunderman office was relatively pain free.

Today our heads we re down as we were finalising ideas for the big pitch to the ECD's tomorrow, where we will be presenting them the fruits of our week of labour. A crit with the jovial Richard and Nigel was a welcome break and we got some great advice from a very experienced team.

Sylvs & Aims | Grey

Day 4 began with Aims getting up at 6am to vote and Sylvs remembering why she usually cycles to work after a nightmare experience on the tube. We spent the morning refining our ideas for McVities before showing them to the team at lunch. We were helped on with more sweet treat offerings from Vicki, this time including an incredibly sour apple bon bon which definitely gave us the punch in the face we needed to get inspired. After some great feedback from the McVities team we started the party early with 4 o'clock beers for the No Cannes do Party which included the best perk you can think of. Free Prosecco. We're feeling great now. It may be a different story tomorrow morning...

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