CS Presents : How To Be Brave

It’s not very often you see a line-up for a talk and go FUCK – I HAVE TO BE THERE. But with this one that’s exactly how you immediately have to feel, unless you’re in the dark ages and don’t know who they are. Creative Social have seriously smashed it with the stellar selection of creative geniuses for you to be a super soaker sponge to learn from for the night.


Caroline Pay, Joint CCO, Grey London
Iain Tait, ECD, Wieden + Kennedy
L.A. Ronayne, CD, Havas
Nils Leonard, Founder, Leonard Associates
Sophia Tassew, Art Director, FCB Inferno & Exhibition Curator

The subject is bang on too, there’s so much mediocre work, average agencies and complacent creatives that it’s easy to forget the power and awesomeness of BRAVE creative work. AND they’ve been ever so kind to send a couple of tickets our way, that you, our lovely audience can win. In exchange for a write-up we can share with all the unlucky lot who won’t get to make it down. As always it’s names out of a hat, so if you don’t want to risk it grab a ticket now before it’s too late!!

Email holly@youngcreativecouncil.com if you fancy gambling your chances.

Enjoy, and in the meantime be brave!

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