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Whilst everyone’s banging on about the London ad scene, there’s a heap of top work being made outside the capital that doesn’t get shouted about enough. We already know London kills it! But some absolute shit hot brands owe their advertising success to, yep, agencies up north. If you don’t believe me check out Prolific North’s Top 50 Agencies of 2016.

Here’s some examples you’ll probably recognise…

McCann | Manchester

I visited McCann on the School of Thought course, and they’re a huge integrated agency with some really cool clients, and a shit ton of awards. They’re also located in the outskirts of Manchester in a converted manor house, equipped with it’s own pool, seriously. They run summer schemes from time to time and also placement opportunities all year round.

Jaywing | Sheffield

One for the Yorkshire folks. Jaywing are also one of the top agencies on prolific north’s 2016 list, and they did a really nice digital campaign for Pepsi last year.

Magnafi | Manchester

Although younger than the above agencies, Magnafi have some serious clientele. I did my first placement here and got to work on some really cool briefs. What’s great is that Magnafi’s expertise lies a lot with film advertising, as I’m sure you can tell from their ad for Sofology below. So they’re a great place to start for all creatives, but in particular for those who have a videography flare.

Our new advert is here, and it's a sofa cinematic masterpiece (if we do say so ourselves). Watch as the needles thread the stunning authentic leather seamlessly and the sofas practically dance to the epic background track. Hit play and watch this sumptuous symphony!Feel at home on a sofa you love @

Posted by Sofology on Monday, 26 December 2016

Uniform, Liverpool

Also on the above list, I got to visit Uniform on the Catalyst course last week, wow. They are so goddamn edgy. Their work is stunning, and innovation game seriously strong. Aside for campaigns, they make the coolest technology simply as a conversation starter, as an expression of creativity. Check them out!

BJL, Manchester

This stunt by BJL killed it. They got so much free media from this simple idea. They’re a big agency with big clients, including Asda.

The recruitment process around here appears, not much, but slightly smoother too. It seems many creatives bugger off to London for a job, meaning there ain’t as many left up here! Northern agencies are often on the lookout for hot new talent. And many almost always host placement/graduate schemes. So with summer slowly approaching, application are likely to open soon.

And if not, rock up and ask for a book crit! Once they’ve seen you, you’re more likely to stand out when the application process does come around. And you can use that application to show how you’ve taken their book crit advice, and improved your work since. It also flatters their ego. Do it.

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