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YCC x OMB: The Brief Encounter

This Thursday (25th January) One Minute Briefs and the Young Creative Council are coming together for the first time in an epic “Brief Encounter”. The YCC are now spreading their little wings north. Having started in London and branched out to the bright lights of New York, Berlin, Amsterdam – we’re now alllll the way up north in sunny Newcastle – to reach more creatives, more agencies and ultimately help more canny (lovely) people do good stuff.

Started by Nick Entwistle, creator of The Bank of Creativity, in 2012 One Minute Briefs exploded into the creative scene as an awesome way of getting your ad on. Every. Single. Day. With no real rules bar the time you have to come up with an idea.

Since then there have been hundreds of brands briefing in their creative conundrums and thousands upon thousands of entries shared by the OMB following. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, give yourself just a single minute to try and crack a brief. Or give yourself 10 minutes for 10 brilliant ideas and share them with the world.

The brief?

Well… we can’t give you a head start, can we?
Rev your Twitter engines – follow them here: @OneMinuteBriefs and you’ll be the first to see it live on Thursday.

The prize?
We’re giving away a bunch of book crits (in person or online – wherever you may be!) to the winner (or winners) of Thursday’s brief. We’ve yet to decide how many, but that’s half the fun. We’ve also got a few YCC totes and goodies to send your way.

Not bad for a minute’s work.

If you want to know more about OMB check them out here.

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