April 27, 2016 - Comments Off on ADCAN Awards 2016

Want to be a winner? Here's your chance. The ADCAN awards are back, if you're a filmmaker or want to be one well here goes!

There's four briefs for you to have a crack at, and they're all for good causes / organisations. WIN WIN. Make a film whilst feeling good about the world too. Basically pick a brief, then make a 30secs film that spreads the charities’ messages in a unique and vibrant way. Then enter for freeeeeee! None of this pay to enter nonsense.

The winners get the opportunity to attend two days of exclusive industry access workshops with ADCAN partners Partizan, Rattling Stick and Nexus, and other industry leaders such as Work, Wave, ARRI Media and The Mill.

Sounds great right?

Read all about it here: //www.adcanawards.com/

Deadline: 28th July 2016


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