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We ended 2015 with a survey, to get to the bottom of a why there is a lack of women at entry/junior roles, when half the advertising graduates are females.

The survey helped us get a broader perspective on what you guys are feeling so we can provide some exciting solutions with Creative Equals. You may have seen some of our results in these Guardian or Huffington Post articles but here are all our findings:


In total, how many years do you feel your advertising career will span?

We’ll kick off with positive stat. We think it’s promising, that 65% of feel your career will span 10+ years.



Which skills training would you benefit most from?

Across the board Leadership training came out on top with 32%, followed by skill 27% with some interesting feedback in the ‘other’ section.

projecting your voice in a room full of men” & “negation”

It’s so ironic that as a communication industry we don’t feel comfortable or equipped to communicate with each other.

Also as the age range went up, the percentage of votes shifted from skills – leadership. With experience, confidence in individual craft increases, however leadership in a team or project doesn’t follow the same suit.



Have you worked with a female CD or ECD?

Here’s a question, which stirred up the most dangerous statistic. 70% of female aged 18-25 have NEVER worked with a female CD or ECD. This lack of female influence is an embarrassing welcome into the industry.


Do you feel you have enough female role models in the industry?

The answer is a resounding no. Over 80% don’t feel there aren’t enough ladies around. And we agree, there aren’t enough.



Which percentage reflects the male - female ratio in your department?

The result show that 3% of you are in an all male creative department, but most of you are part of a male heavy department with 57% saying 75%m-25%f ratio reflects your creative team.


Do you consider advertising an industry you can stay in with a young family?

When we split our results into sexes, 65% of you answered YES, and the other sex, 60% of you answered NO. Nearly as many male's answering this question felt it’s possible to have a young family and work, as women didn’t.

Now I hear enduring the miracle of new life is rather time consuming. However is this a reasons women should drop off the face the industry?



When you were interning or if you currently are, what has made you consider giving it up?

45% of you said wages and consequent living conditions put you off a career in Adland, and we know just how much this can suuuuuuck in the first couple of years.

But just for fun, let’s throw in the fact that on average women get paid 14.2% less then men, and we have the endearing ‘pink’ tax to consider daily. It could be fair to say that women feel the pinch more, and therefore more likely to leave.


We’ve proudly partnered with Creative Equals and are taking your results into and turning them into actions. We’ll soon be opening a mentorship programs and events. So watch this space!




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