May 12, 2016

Creative Social | Being Different

Hey guys,

We're back with one of those shiny lovely giveaways that you love so much. This time it's a proper corker, a pair of tickets to the next Creative Social on the 7th June. The line-up is proper mega, including creative legends Laura Jordan Bambach and Dave Bedwood alongside some newbies on the block who've been doing some incredible things.

Basically you'd be pretty mad to miss it. All we're asking is, if you do want the freebies give us a jolly nice little write up for it (within 2 days of the event so it can go out nice, live and fresh to our audience).

Simply email me, if you want to be entered into the lucky pot.

Get your tickets HERE if you don't fancy the risk. (It's only a tenner for students).


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