Flakonkishochki : The Score

You’ve never seen illustrations as mental as this, unless of course, you’ve met Andrey Flakonkishochki. A dose of surrealism tied in with orgasmic observations and a twist of reality in there… somewhere. He’s from Russia, occasionally writes in Japanese and uses colours that have been known in some cases to cause epileptic comas. Come sit with us as we interview and talk about his perspective on Hitler Frogs & Full English Breakfast Porn.

YCC : Let’s get the introductions out of the way, have you got an image that best sums you up?

F : I think this picture illustrates me. You have to look on four dots in the center of this picture for 30 sec and then look on to a wall and blink fast.

YCC : Jesus with a Banana, Adolf Hitler frogs, Camouflage Pigeons, face-humping dogs, dolphin suitcases and a plethora of colour… how do you sum that up?

F : Friendship unites them. They are old buddies, they spend together all weekends, walking, laughing.

YCC : Now we’re stimulating the visual curiosities of our followers, let us ask about… Flakonkishochki. How on earth did you end with a name like that? is it Russian, Japanese, Make believe?

F : Flakonkishochki literally means — bottle+guts. In the childhood I with my friends thought out funny surnames, most not translatable. Later, when I needed to publish my works, the best idea I had was to give myself this name.

YCC : People often talk about a “big break” that magical big job that gets your name out there and the work starts flooding in. From your experience, is that how it really happens?

F : Yes, I guess so. But I like to work on my own projects more. Right now I working on one game, there are no clients and I have no restrictions, and it will be a bomb!

YCC : As an illustrator, how important is it to have ‘a consistent style’ over a myriad of styles in different media?

F : It is important not to be a whore and save your face. If you have your individual (or not individual) style, you do your things better then anyone could do – clients will come to you. Or will not come!)))

YCC : When starting a fresh, where do you pull your inspiration from? Design Blogs? Out in the real world, Books? Film? YouTube!?

F : Everything. Ordinary things like dish of soup, barfing child, gentle policeman, pissing dog. I don’t really understand it by myself actually, and I believe that the less you ask such questions to yourself the more unpredictable the result is.

YCC : Is there such a thing as ‘illustrators block’ ?

F : Well, shit happens, but it happens when you do nothing for a long time. In this case the first thing you have to do is to start working. And you will not have any blocks.

YCC : We see a lot of polished illustrative works – any chance you can share some shots from behind the scenes?

YCC : How does a hobby of ‘drawing for fun’ turn into a commercial career?

F : That was anxious time. I left my job, needed money to pay apartment rent and buy some food. I remembered that I loved drawing when I was a child, and at the same time a miracle appeared in the form of Wacom as a unexpected present from my sweetheart girl. It took a great deal of trouble but I finally learned how to use it. It was impossible to look on my first masterpieces without a physical pain and a bad squint. However, this didn’t prevent me from selling those works to magazines with a great success. I already said – that was anxious time.

YCC : Do you have a full-time work space or work around? Can you supply a picture of where you work/doodle/conjure up creativity?

F : I work at home, I’m lucky to have a separate space in our apartment where I can create all the stuff.

YCC : If you had one piece of advice for any aspiring creatives – what would it be?

F : Make something normal. Build a house or a boat. Make something good.

YCC : If our readers want to know more, where can they find more Flakonkishochki??

F : Get more at my website or on my Facebook page.

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