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sensei v

se. v (gold rings)

someone pls msg me with a recap of 2017 recaps in exchange for this week’s London listings


Use the A8-sized lifeline that is your Oyster card to touch out at South Bermondsey station and head over to DIY Space for London. The cosy, creative space plays host to a variety of fundraisers, talks, gigs and workshops, has an in-house record shop and is cooperatively run by its dedicated members, one of which you can be for an annual fee of £2.

The vibe is inclusive and communal, so get your hands dirty and help out - they’re always looking for volunteers so check it out to see how you could contribute, learn some new skills and meet some open-minded people.


Choose City Island - the latest prey-ground for property developers next to Canning Town - as the spot to listen to Open Mike Eagle’s album Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, a record addressing the relentless "Myth of Sisyphus"-esque demolition and redevelopment of public housing, all with daaamn creative imagery and wordplay. His sound crosses every shade between Quelle Chris and Ghostpoet, is full of Danny Brown bravado and the kind of sampling even Doom would respect.

Catch him at Jazz Café (really need to stop plugging those guys but how can I not when they bookings so fly) on the 14th March nxt yizzle, along with the poetic stylings of Homeboy Sandman (listen to a couple bars of Couple Bars), will see you there perps.


Get trippy sans psychedelics with the work of photographer Neil Shirreff, now exhibiting his first solo show at MMX Gallery in New Cross. Shirreff uses some resourceful inventions to create abstract photographs that border on optical illusions, and employs nifty visual antics such as exposing Gauguin paintings onto a disco ball and photographing the otherworldly results. Why'd you have to go and put starz in them eyes.


DOC:Supper is an ongoing media project and supper club that screens films and documentaries intended to instigate positive social change, all while you feast on some pay-what-you-can munch (all proceeds go to local charities) and have the opportunity to discuss the films' meanings with other diners.
Get down to their Christmas party this Wednesday 20th at Peckham Springs, where screenings of several short films and animations are bound to get your brain whirring. And if you’re staying in, ‘av a cobbles at their
previously screened films for some class recos to watch at home.


Keep calm and carry on playing Sadiq Says by inhaling that sweet carcinogen-laden motorway smoke coming off the A40, aka Westway.

YES TRÜPS: we are back in West London, told you we’d broach these parts again soon. This time it’s for Ho-ja, a lo-fi and rustic Taiwanese joint just round the corner from Shebu Market station. It’s cheap, cheerful and does chinwaggingly good popcorn chicken. (There's karaoke too, jus' sayin'.)

If you want an extended plan to make the most of your West London shenanigans, then Bill Bailey’s doing a five-night run of his show Christmas Larks! in the no-man’s land between Boxing Day and New Year’s, or Jhené Aiko is playing next February if you’re like me and refuse to accept how bad this song (and video) is. It’s got ground control to major Don Donald Glover in it though so how bad can it be reeeaally.


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