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se. vii
whenever ur feeling down just remember how we can see the big bang happening, so there must be a future u somewhere that's looking at u and thinking lol what a mess but you'll get better


Now we’re past those dog-in-heat adolescent years of clumsily fiddling with the private parts of pretty much anybody’n’everybody, the thing we want to touch most in other people (as the altruistic adults we are) is what, I hear you cry? THEIR HEARTS, obvi.

Matt Weatherall, who we will nickname Mr Proactive for the purpose of this blog post, is the brains behind Special Guest, a night of 60-second talks given by… anybody who has a ticket and wants to speak. So yes - you, me, your mate Jal who’s got that start-up idea about bed frames, quiet Ben from accounts who actually dreams of rapping over classical music, Eden who’s going on 60 but is looking for someone to direct her neo-noir play. Not only might this be the long-awaited end of that smug TED Talk tone, but it’s a chance we rarely get in the Big Smoke, which is to really connect with your fellow Londoners. It’s happening on the 31st January, it’s only a measly tenner and your first drink is free. Boo fkin YA.


Due to my crippling obsession with New York chef Frank Prisinzano, I now dream in ragu. Check out his Instagram stories - he’s a silver fox senior and he’ll teach you to make asparagus parmigiano like tomorrow be Judgment Day, trus. But to appease dem savoury Italian sensations in your everyday waking life, check out Radici in Islington, Luca in Clerkenwell or Margot in Covent Garden.



The BFI are running a three-month film season examining the work of director Ingmar Bergman, featuring screenings and talks grouped thematically, so you don’t even have to pick out the key motifs like this is GCSE English or sumfink. Life is good, yh?

Like The Brothers Karamazov and the philosophy of Wittgenstein, Bergman is one of those cult legends you’ve heard of and have been meaning to get-tuh-know for years, but probably won’t. Ever. So take advantage!!! He was also a prolific theatre director, and an adaptation of Fanny & Alexander will be shown at The Old Vic from late Feb. FAB.

If un-treaded short-film territory is more up your street, head down to the ICA for their London Short Film Festival, a ten-day programme featuring the kind of experimental and boundary-pushing work the ICA does so well. If it weren’t for them I probs wouldn’t know who Quay Dash is, so hollaaaaa.


Souuuuund maaaaate. The British Library has a free exhibition on until 13th May called ‘140 Years of Recorded Sound’. The show tracks the progression of audio production and technology from gramophones to Spotify, reflects on the impact of sound on society, and has got some sweet dub beats to listen to from The Hippie Boys.

For your bedroom dose of aural lovin’, have a listen to Art Feynman. He’s krautrock, apparently. I don’t know what krautrock is and am refusing to Google it out of stubbornness. His 2017 release Blast Off Through the Wicker is pretty decent, he does pretend to be Nicolas Jaar quite a lot though. Luke Temple is his real name, and he also sings on this chun, which is worth a listen cos January’s wistful jams ain’t over yet, bud.


Or just... breathe. I never thought I’d be recommending spending over 45 squids on yoga and vegan brunch in a Masonic Temple organised by Psycle London A.K.A that place I screw my face up at whenever I pass like some kind of 5’10 insolent fem-child, but here I am. Give yourself a break, splash out and get stretchy (the clean-living version of schwifty ydk get me a Deliciously Ella to go pls k thx kl).

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se. v (gold rings)

someone pls msg me with a recap of 2017 recaps in exchange for this week’s London listings


Use the A8-sized lifeline that is your Oyster card to touch out at South Bermondsey station and head over to DIY Space for London. The cosy, creative space plays host to a variety of fundraisers, talks, gigs and workshops, has an in-house record shop and is cooperatively run by its dedicated members, one of which you can be for an annual fee of £2.

The vibe is inclusive and communal, so get your hands dirty and help out - they’re always looking for volunteers so check it out to see how you could contribute, learn some new skills and meet some open-minded people.

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se. iv

four score and sensei years to go

These wintry months call for tunes that sound like radiators warming up and body speeds lowering to the pace of a Greenland shark. So pls enter electronic artist Joe Seaton AKA Call Super and his album Arpo, which is the little bit of slippery sonorous rhythm you need to warm your cockles. Also, his dad plays clarinet on the record and it sounds like Crash Bandicoot discovered shrooms.

Follow up with Icelandic producer Ólafur Arnalds, whose melodic lamentation talents were used recently on adam&eveDDB’s ad for International Red Cross, pluuuus he’s just released a remastered version of his 2007 record Eulogy for Evolution on label Erased Tapes as they celebrate their tenth anniversary. Keep your eyes on peeled mode in January too for Nils Frahm’s new record All Melody for even more piano-heartstring-meltdowns.

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se. iii

hold tight and bandage up, things bout to get sensual healing


Is your Christmas jumper game in dire need of a touch-up? Then head over to Somerset House on the 9th Dec for Give A Knit, where you’ll hang out with a couple of eco-designers for a session of clothes upcycling, a phrase that sounds suspiciously like another to add to the Buzzwords That Should Be Banned list, but is actually for a great cause, namely not contributing to the 1.5 MILLION TONNES OF CLOTHES WE THROW AWAY EVERY YEAR.

The workshop is in collaboration with environmental charity Hubbub and you’ll spend it embellishing, reimagining and somehow “digitally hacking” your garms. Please make sure you go just so we know wtf that means.

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November 29, 2017 - Comments Off on Creative Social Presents: F**k That’s Good

Creative Social Presents: F**k That’s Good

We sent @jensties down to last weeks last ever CS Presents, here's the DL! 

There’s plenty of crap out there. But there’s also plenty of creative goodness. And it’s the latter that is the focus of Creative Social’s ‘F**k That’s Good’ evening.

The premise is simple. Ask six people, who are already killing it in their respective fields, what blows their creative mind. And since it was Creative Social’s last CS Presents event, each speaker was asked to name their expected trend for 2018.

If you didn’t make the event - we got your back. Here’s a digest of what went down.

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November 28, 2017 - Comments Off on THE WINNER


A week ago we exhibited our Safe Passage brief at the amazing cause2create #createchage festival. It was an amazing day of talks, performances, exhibits and of course beers for those who stuck around for the wrap party.


Out of the 4 finalists exhibiting, we could only have one winner. The YCC and Safe Passage came to a decision... the winners are… EMILE & ANNE! They’re a creative team from Denmark and this was their response to the brief was Displaced Teens

They’ve bagged themselves 2 week paid creative placement at Wunderman London as well as tickets to D&AD festival in April 2018! They’ll also be receiving D&AD annuals and YCC goodies! AND not only that but they’ll be working with Safe Passage directly to see if they can make their idea live - exciting times!

Safe Passage also loved the idea +One and they’ll also be working with Claudia so see if they can bring this idea to life too!

The other finalist we're Alexandria with Mums Know Stress and Joaquin with Sleeping Child who’ll be receiving 3 CD book crits & D&AD annuals and YCC goods.

So that’s a roundup of the competition, keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities, you never know where an entry will get you!

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sensei – se. ii

se. ii

the second edition of things to experience in London with all five sense muscles. basically the sensing equivalent to heads, shoulders, knees and toes. plus one more, I dunno, someone call M. Night Shyamalan.


Sum art, fellow philistine, because Alex da Corte is exhibiting his new show Bad Land at Josh Lilley Gallery in Fitzrovia. Imagine Nicki Minaj owned and art directed The Black Lodge from Twin Peaks and perhaps you’d get somewhere close to picturing this 4-room shrine to neon and plastic. Da Corte dresses up as Eminem too so there’s guaranteed additional lols, promise.

Go on your own for maximum varnish-inhalation but careful you don’t get too lean just from looking at his bongs made of Tic Tac packets - settle for an 11am espresso martini down the road at the Riding House Caff instead, like a good civilised mutt.

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se. i

Presenting your new weekly wisdom of London-based cultural stimulants (not like that) for all five senses.


The animated music video for Teardrop Estates’ Scary Gary (below) featuring Frank Leone and Gary Wilson, visuals created by wicked collective RUFFMERCY who have worked with the likes of Nas, Madlib, Jonwayne, Flying Lotus and DJ Shadow. In other words, your dream dinner party guest-list, as long as your dinner party features Meyhem Lauren’s Turkey Meatloaf and getting batshit on that stuff they drink in Earl Sweatshirt’s EARL video. And after all that if you don’t feel like you’re passing Skittles through as kidney stones, then bleed your brains on some Pussykrew visuals and the latest from director João Pombeiro for the new Nightmares on Wax tune.

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November 14, 2017 - Comments Off on FINALIST


The entries are in and the judging has been done. We can now announce our finalist showcasing their ideas at this years Cause2Create #CREATECHANGE festival are...

Emilie & Anne with ‘Displaced Teens’

Joaquin Olascoaga with 'Sleeping Child'

Alexandria Bailey with ‘Mothers Know Stress’

Claudia Chan with '+One'

We’re not going to reveal any more about the finalist ideas until Saturday 17th November where you can see the ideas for yourself at the festival in the Impact and Action Gallery. Check out the full line up and get your tickets here

See you there!

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November 8, 2017 - Comments Off on CAUSE 2 CREATE FESTIVAL


CAUSE2CREATE Festival is back for its second year on Saturday 18th November... and your ideas could be part of the lineup!

Through our incredible competition in partnership with C2C, your ideas could be featured in the IMPACT AND ACTION gallery amongst other powerful exhibitors and speakers. And if you haven't already, there's still time to crack on with the brief download it here:


But even if you don’t get shortlisted get down there! It’s bound to be an amazing event,  with creative activities to be part of and lots inspirational people around to learn from.

Check out the full line up here

Or to secure a ticket go here

And who knows, maybe we’ll be able to #CREATECHANGE