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March 14, 2017 - Comments Off on Re-Design: Witness the less Shitness

If you haven't been on this planet for the last 5 days or so, you might not have realised that has had a major overhaul. To celebrate our 7th year, we're not simply changing the typeface (although that happened too), but a complete and utter revamp. KABLAMMO.

So, what's so good about this site, other than it's now shocking pink and yellow, you ask? It's a lot, lot less shit. 

But here's a rundown:

You are in control

You can now upload your own profile - no waiting around, twiddling your thumbs for Mike to find the time to upload your profile manually. Just hit the 'submit your profile' button and you're on your way (there is a little approval button for us, but that's only to ensure there's no dick pics). 

Brand new functionality

No old-school blog-like format from the days of Scamp, all the posts right in front of your face. The newest at the top obviously.

Infinite Scrollz 

Scroll until your fingers are sore, or you run out of profiles. 

Tag search 

We had this on the old site, but it was always a little sloppy. Now you can prioritize your search by discipline and experience. If there's demand for a new category, we'll make it happen.

Spring Clean 

We've had well over 700 profiles in our time going, but we've only transferred the last 6 months' worth, if you're still on the hunt, please don't worry just submit your deets and we'll get you right up. Safe.

Easy on the eyes 

I mean shocking pink and yellow - you can't miss it. A homage back to the 1970s when things were a little rough around the edges, just the way we like it.

When it works

We're confident. Just ask Mike & Pauline or the latest match Yury & James. As always, we aim for this service to be free, but if it really, really works, then you'll find the donate button at the bottom of the site, which will go towards covering the cost of URLs and such.


We're sure there are some bugs somewhere, so if you see any squish them, or ping any suggestions to and we'll see what we can do. Big shout out the rest of the YCC crew and in particular Andy Peel for his |-|/-\><0|2 C0|)3 5k177z

MIKE & The YCC x.

March 1, 2017 - Comments Off on UpNorthodox Thinking

All things creative up North covered by YCC'er Jess Grogan. 

Gone are the days when ad training only existed in London. This past decade has seen a shit ton of creative aid pop up outside of the capital, or at least on the internet. Yes, it’s hard to believe when many seniors simply suggest schemes that exist down south, which are of course fabulous, but not something everyone can afford or travel to when just starting out (me). Most training isn’t just for students, and can be attended any time. So, don’t get into a strop about how you’ll never get into the industry because you’re oh so deprived whilst stuck up north (again, me). I’ve found lots of similar stuff going on up these ends to tide you over in the meanwhile.

So let’s start with those integrated creative courses (think D&AD New Blood Shift kinda thing). What’s so good about these is that you get to work on a range of briefs, brands, mediums and meet industry people from many different agencies. They’re great for those just starting out and/or finding their own style of work.

School Of Thought

School Of Thought is a Manchester based, ad ideas competition, and was my first taste of proper agencies/the standard of work expected. Lasting 10 weeks, and inspired by the Award School in Australia, each Monday 12 students visit a top ad agency. The Creative Director gives a lecture, before setting a creative brief. 3 days later you return to the agency to share your ideas to the class, and receive feedback from the CD. Slightly brutal, but so worth it! The stuff you learn is priceless. You’ll come out with a whole new book (and contacts). Plus, craft is outlawed, School of Thought is all about ideas, so any type of creative can apply! Agencies include McCann, JWT, Love and Havas to name a few. Oh and did I mention the winner gets a full trip to Cannes Lions? Yep, no joke, (unfortunately I didn’t win).

Check it out here.


Catalyst is a brand new course designed by Innovators Hub in Liverpool. One day a week (for 10 weeks) you visit the city to receive inspiring talks, workshops and networking from several creative companies ranging from ad agencies to game developing to events curating, you name it. Check out their twitter feed @InnovatorsHub - The group have already worked with creatives from bmicro, Liverpool Vision and Studio Mashbo. Great for those still working out which area is best for them.

Have a lookie lookie here.

Agent Academy

Agent Academy is another Liverpool based course, and similar to School Of Thought but with a slightly more marketing and leadership flare. It’s 12 weeks long and again perfect for those who still aren’t sure what role they want to aim for in the creative industries. You’ll learn creative, strategy and communication skills all in one.

Interested? Look here

There’s also lots of day courses and workshops out there if they’re more your thing:

The Thinking Digital Conference travels the country all year round and often host great workshops with the likes of Apple, the BBC and more - //

Keep an eye out for D&AD on tour, they tend to host workshops when they visit - //

Liverpool agencies have teamed up to host a social media workshop every month - // 

The Creative Kitchen Liverpool host a range of stuff to get savvy with: //

Keep up to date with Go Think Big, they’re always hosting skill set days all over the UK in both the media and digital industries! - //

Check out this Creative Writing workshop in Leeds - //

If there are any other schemes available across the UK, please get in touch! We’d love to hear about what you offer too.  

January 4, 2017 - Comments Off on Want to be a YCC Editorial / Content Monkey?

Do you want a platform where you can share your editorial ideas? Can you write the shit out of a blog post, or even create films, infographics and the like? And are you down with helping people get into the ad industry?

If the answer is yes to all three, then you might be what we’re after.

The YCC are looking for some newbies to takes the reigns of our website and editorial content.

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January 4, 2017 - Comments Off on Want to be a YCC Events Monkey?

Is your head full of event ideas? Want to put that to good use and think up awesome events aimed at helping people? Or social gatherings like bowling, a piss up in a brewery or an evening with Facebook?

If the answer is yes, then you might be what we’re after.

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January 4, 2017 - Comments Off on Want to be a YCC Social Media Monkey?

Are you bad-ass at social? Do you get a kick out of making cool shit that people will like, share and love? And are you down with helping people get into the ad industry?

If the answer is yes to all three, then you might be what we’re after.

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