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January 31, 2017

Wip-fection, (Work In Progress Perfection)

I used to think I had the patience of a saint but it turns out I am in a (never ending) race to the finish line - that is, with myself. But someone once reminded me that the finishing line of life is my own impending mortality. Which is a bit depressing - so I’ve pulled it back to wiggling-anticipation. I’m on the edge of highly impatient; but (hopefully) in the right way. For years I agonised over perfection, obsessed over it and I eventually discovered, while an advantageous characteristic in a plastic surgeon or a professional knife thrower, it's actually a major hinderance as a creative.

In your quest for perfection it often means you reside in the perfect dwelling of finishing sweet FA. That's right, perfection is the direct route to procrastination town, with no stops to sign-off-ville and did I mention this train just goes in a massive loop? I’ll stop with the train analogy but you get the idea. To be a perfectionist is never really to complete anything because, in the completion, you'll always find something that could have been better. Something could have worked harder. Something could be more perfect and back to the drawing board you go. Read more

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January 27, 2017

Why We Should March | Women in Advertising

After walking the Woman’s March in New York on Saturday 21st January, I was inspired to not only think about woman’s rights in general, but about women in advertising.

I’ll begin with a little historical recap as we all know woman’s rights have come a long way, and we should remember this, its good for the soul.

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October 7, 2016

Ad-ventures Abroad | Shanghai

This story ends on a Chinese woman’s mantlepiece. It begins in John Hegarty’s office. As months go, August 2014 was a pretty bitching month. After a 10 month placement, Callum and I were given permanent jobs at BBH London. Two weeks later, they shipped us to the China office for a big pitch.

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October 2, 2016

Would you leave London for great work?

When you ask British creatives where the best agencies are, and where they can do the best work, they’ll invariably say London.

London is home to world renowned agencies, true. But with rents so high, new start-ups are migrating towards Hackney and big agencies are leaving Soho and heading for the slightly cheaper Southbank and Southwark.

So isn’t it time a big agency made a bold decision and upped sticks completely?

But what if Grey fancied moving from Hatton Gardens, for say Manchester, or Anomaly fancied the beautiful Bath, would you go?

That is the real prospect for what most people would say is the boldest and most creative agency in the UK right now, 4creative. Who, according to The Times, could be set for a move to Birmingham.

So are we drawn by agencies and great work? Or big agencies, great work AND London?

It’s not like most of London’s big agencies need to be in London. Most of the time we go to client meetings at their HQ – or email work over. And massive brands like O2 are in already in places like Slough.

Picture the scene. You work 30 seconds from the beach or in a converted barn surrounded by fields and fields of peace and quiet. Great, huh?

Or is it?

Secretly does that sound nice – and then just get a bit boring. That’s not want a twenty-something wants. But a thirty-something looking to start a family.

Would the Scandinavians leave the Fjords for Folkestone? Reckon the Brazilians be smitten with Berkshire? Or is the real reason agencies are in London, not because of the clients, but because of the stimulating location that this young person’s industry craves. Even if we actually can't afford to live there.

Hypothetically speaking, if CP+B offered you a job, are you interested by Monmouthshire or Miami? If there is a Grey Bath or Grey New York, which would you choose?

What I think it comes down to is agencies are in London, because the talent wants to be there.

But maybe it’ll take more Boulders, Skellefteas, or potentially Birminghams to change your mind.  

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September 29, 2016

Ad-ventures Abroad | Vilnius

It’s 1pm just outside of Minsk, Belarus. Its lunchtime and we’ve got Baloney and Potato soup, served kindly by the Babushka, who doesn't speak a word of English. We’re shooting in a plane hanger for our first TV ad for velcom, a Belarusian telecommunications company. Me and my copywriting partner have taken the train from Vilnius to Minsk to work on a campaign during our second month of a 1 year stint at DDB Vilnius, in Lithuania. Don’t worry, I’ve googled it so you don’t have to:

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September 27, 2016

Ad-ventures Abroad | NYC & London

I sat in one of the Miami Ad School NY's classrooms overlooking Brooklyn Bridge when I received an email from AKQA London inviting me to join them for a 3 month internship. I jumped up and called my family in Germany, making stupid remarks like “London calling!” - I couldn’t hold my excitement. I should have known back then that it wouldn’t be the last time I’d say those words. Surely enough, one month later (2014) I moved to London and fled the big apple just before a huge snow storm hit the East Coast. 

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September 23, 2016

Ad-ventures Abroad | Auckland

It was 2011, and the second year of our Advertising & Brand Communication course at the University for Creative Arts (UCA), Farnham. Our lecturer had encouraged everyone to do work experience and gave us a six week window in which to find somewhere willing to take a punt on us.

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September 22, 2016

Pitch Your Book

The safe route. The one you want them to buy. And something in between that.

It seems to be the norm now that we think we should present three routes to a client.

But when you’re presenting to a CD on a brief, you’ll probably have lots of ideas that’ll then get whittled down.

So why for student book crits have we been brought up to only ever show one idea per brand?

Not two, three, four or more different interpretations of a brief.

It seems odd that we assume students – before ever having worked in an agency – know what their best idea is.

Perhaps teams going to meet creatives should change the rules.

Heck, there weren't any rules anyway.

Go and present three routes to the first agency guinea pig.

Let them pick their favourite.

Then do it again to another agency team.

And again.

And again.

See if they all agree on the best idea.

Then put that one in your book.

Repeat until you get an awesome book.

Or a job.

Be different. Surprising. And out there.

Pitch people ideas for your book.

Not a book of ideas.

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September 21, 2016

Ad-ventures Abroad | Tbilisi

Newsflash - getting a job in advertising in London is a tough grind. It's even harder, if not impossible, to do it in a year after graduating even if you're a genetically engineered creative cyborg child prodigy, which I wasn't, but a foreigner trying to get a degree whilst navigating the bizarre social conundrum a.k.a the British party etiquette. A year spent on the Cornish cliffs had made me weak, and rabid pigeons and the Shoreditch twats had made me strong and weak again. One way or another, with a couple of placements under my belt and shiny new degree in tow, it was time to suck it up and head home*.

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