April 4, 2011

YCC Visits Lincoln University [01.04.11]

On Friday, Paul & I [Mike] had the opportunity to head on up to see the 17 or so teams of the Third Year Creative Advertising course, soon to be grads and aspiring creatives within the ever expanding world of advertising. One of things that we love most at the YCC is helping grads prepare themselves and where we can, offer a spring board into the industry - or at the least, a very realistic and down-to-earth approach to the post-university life of Advertising.

Being an ex-student of Lincoln Uni's ever expanding ad course, it was good to see how the course has evolved and developed, but it was great seeing the people who were on the edge of making the big transition, an air of uncertainty, nerve-wracking, and yet exciting time.

Enough about us, without further ado I'll pass you on to two third year students who wrote an account of the event, over to you Becky & Anna...

Mike Cuthell and Paul Mann came to visit the third year students of Creative Advertising at University of Lincoln last week [Friday 1st April]. It was a great opportunity for us to learn more about the advertising industry from the London-bound creatives. Having met both Mike and Paul previously, my partner and I were looking forward to their visit, ready to absorb their wise words!

The guys took us through some of the work they have created in their careers so far and discussed the benefits and drawbacks of becoming part of the London advertising world. It was great to talk to creatives who were in our shoes just a few years ago, advising us on how to tackle the difficulties of making it in London when placements and jobs are so difficult to come by.

It was inspiring to see some of Mike’s work that’s already gone live and to know, that could be us in just a couple of years time. Paul talked us through how creatives go about pitching their work to clients, with his recent pitch deck for Dove Spa, demonstrating how one big thought can become an integrated campaign.

Of course they then talked to us about the Young Creative Council, and how rapidly it is growing. My partner and I, having already contacted various YCC creatives have found the website extremely valuable. It is fantastic to know that there are so many creatives willing to help out the newbies! From our experiences so far we have found the YCC a brilliant lifeline for creatives making the transition from university to placements and I hope we can be part of it, once we have landed our first job!

Paul and Mike talked us through some of the resources the YCC offer including single creatives, Bang Bang briefs and the Unite events. The Lincoln course has a few singles who want to meet partners and the single creatives seems like the perfect resource, so it was refreshing to know that this is yet another service that the YCC provides.

Following the success of the Unite events, several teams will definitely be applying for Unite III. The guys told us all about their previous Unite events and how they managed to provide various placements and jobs for some of the lucky creatives. Now, as Unite III is fast approaching, teams from Lincoln are applying for 1 of the exclusive 25 places, Anna and I obviously wanting to do everything possible to take one of these valuable spots!

The guys seemed to have plenty of time for us as a course, which was lovely; it meant we had the opportunity to ask plenty of questions, about their careers, placements, costs of living in London, where to live, how best to go about getting placements and how to turn those placements into paid jobs.

It was refreshing to get such an honest account of how the industry operates and it has spurred us on even more, counting the days till we move down to London!

So, thank you very much for coming up to see all the 3rd year students at Lincoln, keep up the enthusiasm!

- Becky and Anna [3rd year creative team at the University of Lincoln].

Well there we have it, if you'd like any of us Monkey's to pop up and see you drop us an email to monkeys@youngcreativecouncil.com

Alternatively, if you'd like to find out more you can visit the course blog or drop Gyles Lingwood [BA Hons Creative Advertising, Course Director] an email: glingwood@lincoln.ac.uk

P.S. The latest installation of the UNITE III Poster is now available to a Uni near you!

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