May 31, 2016

Cannt Be Replaced?

Are you looking for the chance to show an agency just how friggin awesome you are?

We're partnering up with Cannt Festival to give you the opportunity to jump in the shoes of the best creatives in this industry. The ones swanning off to Cannes to get toddled and pick up tons of shiny awards. You could be sitting in their desks whilst they're OOO, doing their projects, and showing them you're the next big thing!

It's for the week commencing 20th June 2016, paid at a minimum of £376, and open to anyone who can share with us several examples of their work. We'll be putting the best candidates forward to agencies and then bing bang bosh, a week of work that could lead onto who knows what...Cannes next year?

If you want to be in the mix simply register with us.

If you're from an agency who might like to get involved, simply email: for more information.

Rumour has it there are quite a few CD / ECD seats already up for grabs!

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