November 1, 2016

Get Into Mother London

We’ve got a very special competition launching today – with a prize that can’t be bought.

We’ve acquired a 6-sheet poster site inside Mother London and we’re giving it away to one lucky person/team for a week.

That’s 1800mm x 1200mm of goodness in Mother’s reception. You can even go and see it in-situ – and we might be able to pull a few strings and get a book crit too. If you’re around that week, obviously. And that week is also Mother’s Christmas party week. So it’ll get maximum exposure.

To be in with a chance to win your first ever ad spot, simply send a PDF submission to the brief below.



It’s as open as that. Think clever, interesting and different. This isn’t a wall at your degree show, it’s a proper ad. But we want you to sell your wares. Be it your ads, your side projects or yourselves.



No latecomers. Judging happens that night and we need to supply the artwork by the Monday after.


  • Just send a scaled down PDF for now. Not a 400 meg file. If it can’t be emailed, it’s too big. Save it as 'smallest file size'.
  • It’s a portrait poster and it’s huge. Anything you send us must be able to be scaled. Don’t even think about sending us a 300px x 300px grab off the internet. It’ll look shit.
  • InDesign is your friend. We’ll artwork the thing, so don’t panic about that. We’ll just need your open working files if you win. Don’t flatten anything.
  • It doesn't have to be polished. You'll have as much chance of winning with a doodle as something that's Mac'd.
  • Have fun.

Good luck.

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