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Meal Of Fortune : Episode One

So Meal Of Fortune like totally happened last week, and from the sounds of things they all had a great time!

For this first never seen before event we brought together the lovely Paul and Laila (senior creatives at Karmarma) with hungry* Jess and Alicia (interning at Iris). This lovely couple of couples got to dine at advertising hotspot, Caravan on Exmouth market, with many a small plate to bond over whilst awkwardly finger bumping.

*for work and a just little bit for the food.

Anyway enough from us, here's what they had to say about the night...

How were you feeling before the meal?
J&A : After a quick motherly ‘Scarborough warning’ to Alicia to suppress her inner ‘Donny-Soldier’ and limit her colourful vocabulary we were ready. Early as usual, we sat outside Farringdon’s ‘Caravan’ on a bench in the freezing cold, feeling like we were waiting for a first date. After a few minutes we decided it was time to whack out the lady balls and just go in."

What were your first impressions?
P&L : They’re northern, this should be fun.
J&A : They were the team responsible for ‘PutPocket!!!’ OMG. Fan girl moment. Hey, girls, tone down your excitement.

Words of advice?
P&L : We don’t really do 'formal advice' but we said something along the lines of don’t have egos, don’t be too precious and more importantly, don’t give up.

Did you get some good feedback?
J&A : Paul and Laila gave us some really useful feedback regarding our book and we are definitely going to alter things they have suggested. And possibly use Paul’s 50 Shades of Grey idea. Cheers Paul!

What would you have asked if you were them?
P&L : Is it worth it?

Overall feeling from the evening?
J&A : The one thing that was really nice about the night was that there didn’t feel like there were any boundaries to what we ask them about. It felt like chatting over dinner with two people we’d known ages. It made a huge difference to be out of an agency and just chat over a bottle of wine with no pressure.

Would you swap given the chance?
P&L : We’re good, thanks.

Would you deal with placement teams differently now?
P&L : We’ve always do right by placement teams. We’ve been there. We know the hard work you put in and we know the dedication it takes.

Can you give us three words to sum up the other team?
P&L : Hungry (not for food, for a job and good briefs). Passionate. Humble.
J&A : … Absolutely bloody brilliant.

Fooooooooooooood pics...

So as you can see a ruddy good time was had. We'll be doing another one fairly soon so keep your eyes on the YCC twitter pulse if you want a free dinner with some smashing company!

Also if you're looking for interns get in touch with Jess and Alicia, they said it themselves they've got lady balls, and if that isn't a USP I don't know what is.

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