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Graduates Are So Last Season

We’ve seen a surge of agencies on the hunt for new talent, but they’re no longer hounding the halls of residence for fresh meat, no, they’ve set their sights elsewhere…

Take Grey for example having just opened a workspace for children as young as 4 to come and interact with a micro version of it’s agency — hopefully the Grey Bar isn’t included in this experience. Then on the other end of the spectrum Ogilvy & Mather are opening up their doors to retirees with The Pipe. Now, these aren’t the first ones to the party — check out initiatives from Girlhood, Future Academy and D&AD.

So, what’s the reason the industry is widening the net from early 20’s adgrad? They’re all simply after one thing: The D… That’s right people, we’re talking about diversity. Agencies are actively seeking people from different backgrounds with different experiences, attitudes and learnings to pool from to create better and more original work.

This is genuinely a good approach, everybody should be welcomed into the advertising world fairly, but the cynic in me wonders if these scheme go any further than the shiny Campaign headline. Only time will tell.

Is this something students and graduates should worry about? Absolutely not. None of these recruitment drives ban graduates from applying. If anything, it just means there are more programs to apply to (woohoo). It also might make placementing circles a little more interesting. It can get a little awkward bumping into the same team from Bucks, placement after placement after placement (again guys, I SWEAR we weren’t following you).

Whether you're a grad, none-grad, teen, OAP, a minority... or even an alien from another planet, just come armed with good ideas and an even better attitude…And for the love of god, please don’t come with the same press ad expressed in 3 'different' ways.

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