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Pitch Your Book

The safe route. The one you want them to buy. And something in between that.

It seems to be the norm now that we think we should present three routes to a client.

But when you’re presenting to a CD on a brief, you’ll probably have lots of ideas that’ll then get whittled down.

So why for student book crits have we been brought up to only ever show one idea per brand?

Not two, three, four or more different interpretations of a brief.

It seems odd that we assume students – before ever having worked in an agency – know what their best idea is.

Perhaps teams going to meet creatives should change the rules.

Heck, there weren't any rules anyway.

Go and present three routes to the first agency guinea pig.

Let them pick their favourite.

Then do it again to another agency team.

And again.

And again.

See if they all agree on the best idea.

Then put that one in your book.

Repeat until you get an awesome book.

Or a job.

Be different. Surprising. And out there.

Pitch people ideas for your book.

Not a book of ideas.

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