October 2, 2016

Would you leave London for great work?

When you ask British creatives where the best agencies are, and where they can do the best work, they’ll invariably say London.

London is home to world renowned agencies, true. But with rents so high, new start-ups are migrating towards Hackney and big agencies are leaving Soho and heading for the slightly cheaper Southbank and Southwark.

So isn’t it time a big agency made a bold decision and upped sticks completely?

But what if Grey fancied moving from Hatton Gardens, for say Manchester, or Anomaly fancied the beautiful Bath, would you go?

That is the real prospect for what most people would say is the boldest and most creative agency in the UK right now, 4creative. Who, according to The Times, could be set for a move to Birmingham.

So are we drawn by agencies and great work? Or big agencies, great work AND London?

It’s not like most of London’s big agencies need to be in London. Most of the time we go to client meetings at their HQ – or email work over. And massive brands like O2 are in already in places like Slough.

Picture the scene. You work 30 seconds from the beach or in a converted barn surrounded by fields and fields of peace and quiet. Great, huh?

Or is it?

Secretly does that sound nice – and then just get a bit boring. That’s not want a twenty-something wants. But a thirty-something looking to start a family.

Would the Scandinavians leave the Fjords for Folkestone? Reckon the Brazilians be smitten with Berkshire? Or is the real reason agencies are in London, not because of the clients, but because of the stimulating location that this young person’s industry craves. Even if we actually can't afford to live there.

Hypothetically speaking, if CP+B offered you a job, are you interested by Monmouthshire or Miami? If there is a Grey Bath or Grey New York, which would you choose?

What I think it comes down to is agencies are in London, because the talent wants to be there.

But maybe it’ll take more Boulders, Skellefteas, or potentially Birminghams to change your mind.  

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