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sensei viii

se. viii

lindsay lohan is designing an island in dubai called 'lohan island' so, dw, you will get through today


Smells like girl power. You might’ve come across the work of rad-chick director Crystal Moselle already. Her recent spot for H&M, produced by the almighty Somesuch, and her offbeat, uncategorizable documentary ‘The Wolfpack’ both attest her gold-dust ability to present peculiarity sans pretence. But nothing compares to her sensational short film ‘That One Day’ for Miu Miu, which is a sun-in-your-eyes afternoon spent with some self-assured skater girls that Moselle happened upon on the train and became immediate fast friends with. Achingly cool. Miu Miu might need to miuve over, though, because Moselle’s new film ‘Skate Kitchen’ takes tender female bonds to a whole new level of kickflip, and its affirming & empowering message looks enough to throw the carnage of Larry Clark’s ‘Kids’ into an overflowing sanitary bin.


If you fancy sitting down for a couple of hours watching a live show where people tell stories in weird voices, and Shaftesbury Avenue gives you the creeps for the multitude of reasons it should, skip the extortionate tickets touted by loud middle-aged men sporting fake Cockney accents and head to the recently renovated Bush Theatre on Uxbridge Road. The West London motherland is never far away here, you must know that by now. Bush Theatre is a new-writing venue that has its feet firmly planted in the local community, putting on plays intended to resonate with those facing the tough issues of our times. The space itself is great too, with a cotch terrace and cosy library to be a total flâneur in.


The man oft referenced to (by me only, it seems) as a parallel-world Gareth Keenan, A.K.A everyone’s favourite deej Daniel Avery, is back with a vengeance. His growling debut LP Drone Logic was released five whole years ago (I KNOW! Five years passes so quickly now we’re old and have become the type of people to complain about time passing so quickly) and his new EP Slow Fade precedes a whole album to be released in April on Phantasy called Song for Alpha. To celebrate the return of the techno echo-chamber master, get yo’self a ticket to his eight-hour set in March at York Hall. The venue is a gymnasium by day. I was trying to think of something funny to say about that but tbh I think that's funny enough.


Feeling sadistic? In the mood for some self-inflicted pain? Horrifying your grandma to the point of incontinence? Of course you do, you ruddy rascal. Why not permanently alter yourself by means of tattoo because lol, it’s 2018, everyone’s got them, it hardly feels real anymore. Like much of life rn. This decade is weird, right?

Anyway, London is like one big naked shin waiting for a koi fish tattoo, and Instagram proves a worthy glory hole to access the artists who are needling it out. Check out the rosters at K-ink, The Circle, Sang Bleu, Old Habits and The Lacemakers Sweatshop to kick off your inky wormhole.



Curry. Currrrreeehhhhhh. Only ever pronounce the word ‘curry’ in a Leeds accent from now on. Ok? The Radha Krishna Bhavan is the best curry house in Tooting, don’t ask questions, don’t look me in the eye when you talk to me, it just is. If you don’t believe me, which I totally understand, go to The India in Cannon Street, which will also make your tandoori blossom. But then go back to Tooting ‘coz you know I was right, cuz.




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