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sensei ix

se. ix
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Yussef Kamaal. Trust me. I’m listening to the London-based duo now and I imploooore you with all my sensei soul to hear them too. If you’ve seen the Tribe Called Quest documentary Beats, Rhymes and Life (and I know you have because I have faith in your musical sensei-bilities my friend) and you were gob-open the whole way through, unable to comprehend the sheer sonic harmony going on between these fellas, then this particular strand of improvised electronic jazz is another one for your iTunes libe. Check out their ethos, as such, here. It’s half Henry Wu and half Kamaal Williams, who will be playing Village Underground on March 22nd. Get to it.


The worst part about stuffy galleries is the unspoken etiquette rules. Like, you can’t take your bag in, you can’t touch the work, you can’t neck Kestrel and charge about in that Devvo impression you do that ALWAYS go down so well in the middle of house parties where you don’t know anyone. Swedish artist Amanda Moström dumps all of that down the drain with her new show at Castor Projects, Doing It In The Park, Doing It After Dark (sounds like life circa 2007), which encourages the kind of touching and adult play that doesn’t involve butt plugs. Score. Other shows not to miss this week are Giorgio Griffa at Camden Arts Centre, Eddie Peake at White Cube and Nancy Rubins at Gagosian.


If you took my advice and went to the Videojam x Basquiat event that closed Boom For Real at the end of last month, then I am mega chuffed someone on this planet actually trusted me for once. Secondly, I TOLD YOU it would be effffffin gr8, right? And if you hadn’t realised Young Fathers was gonna be THAT ruddy good live then you are not alone. The trio delivered a tremulous performance worthy of an entire show so it’s GD NEWS THEN M8 that they’re playing Camden’s Roundhouse in March. Grab a ticket, get on down for a boogie to ‘In My View’, I’ll be there too so come find me and we can chat about how much you trust me and stuff.


Needed some serious foodie respite this week since I bought these stupid 4 for £2 custard-filled pastry fish from a shack on Wardour Street because of some absolutely BS *tip* in Time Out or something. They were dirt cheap but truly butters and I couldn’t even flog them off to anyone because furreals who’s going to jump at the opportunity of a second-hand custard-filled pastry fish. Anyway moral of the story is don’t trust Time Out. Instead, head down to Albertine, a cosy wine bar with a shopfront the same burgundy you plan to paint the front door to your wine cellar when you actually end up making some $$$. Lamb is well thyme-d, there is plentiful quality vino galore, and eating their chocolate and candied blood orange ice cream is the closest you’ll ever get to a religious experience. Salvation accomplished.


Get in touch with in formation, a new series by the Institute of Contemporary Arts focussing on the mechanics of society. At least that’s what I think they’re focussing on, they always write really dense press releases so idk tbh. There will be writing workshops, group choreographies, and the usual suspect line-up of talks and events featuring live music and performances. You know the drill these days.


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