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Ad-ventures Abroad | Singapore

It was 3 days before my final hand in at university when I got a phone call from a random +65 number (that turned out to be the ECD) telling me that myself and my creative partner had been offered a place each on the BBH intern program in Singapore. Amongst the squealing and extreme happiness we managed to say yes.

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Ad-ventures Abroad | Copenhagen & NYC

I watched a man die on the streets of New York City. He was out jogging ahead of me in the bright summer sunshine of midtown Manhattan, when suddenly and without warning he fell over, quite plainly dead. If you’ve ever seen a real corpse before – as opposed to one on television – quite a few differences are immediately apparent. For starters, the skin takes on a waxy inhuman sheen, gauntly stretched across the skull. There’s a noticeable lack of inner fire, as if the embers of the human spirit have been perceivably extinguished to leave nothing but an uncanny husk. It’s like watching an early CGI movie; something is disturbingly wrong and you want to look away.

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British Arrows Student Films

CALLING ALL STUDENTS. Did you make a film in the year for a university project? The British Arrows CRAFT 2016 submissions are now open. And for the first time in 20 years they've got a category for Best Student Commercial, to showcase emerging talent and award the future creators of moving image advertising.

If you enter your work will be seen by a Jury of the most relevant and forward thinking creatives in the advertising industry.

And what's also pretty damn cool is.... ENTRY IS FREE OF CHARGE.


  • Your work must NOT have aired.
  • The work must have been produced in conjunction with an academic course at a recognised university or a listed body for an actual product or cause.
  • Work entered in this category cannot be entered in any other category, and must have been produced within the eligibility dates of 25 Sep 2015 to 24 Sep 2016.
  • Students will need to upload a signed letter from their Course Leader confirming their eligibility along with the commercial.


Friday 23rd September 2016. So get your stakes on.

How to enter:

Head along to: //

Any other questions? 

Head here: //

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Graduating to a Job

So you nailed your degree. Smashed a First. Got the scroll. Looked silly in a mortarboard and gown. Made your parents proud. And probably got a bit pissed in the process.

Just wait until you get that first bill from the Student Loans Company. Fuckers. It’ll make you want to sleep in until midday for the rest of your life.

So now’s the time to knuckle down and put the effort in and get that first proper paycheque. In an industry that lives and dies by creativity, your degree result is less important than your trusty portfolio – unless you decide to head into planning or account management. You know that dissertation you slaved over? Yeah. Ummm. Yeah…

It’s September. Unis are going back soon. The next intake is starting their final year – and will be trying to secure placements sharpish – so you need to get your skates on and secure your first job.

Applied for loads of stuff and heard nothing back?

You’re doing it wrong.

Stop applying for stuff. Start doing stuff.

CDs like doers.

People in charge of placements like non-ad work.

And recruiters like people that are keen.

It’s not rocket science. It’s advertising. You’ll be promoting brands daily. So start promoting yourself.

Get out there.

Meet people.

Email people. Not generic mailboxes.

Send a letter to your favourite creative. It doesn’t have to be creepy. (I can’t tell you the last bit of post I received that wasn’t a birthday card, a bill or an Asos delivery…)

I haven’t seen a team since New Blood – the first week of July – and yet I, according to Campaign, work for the sixteenth best agency in the UK.

Where are you all hiding?

Surely you’re not all emailing just VCCP, W+K, BBH, AMV BBDO, Anomaly and CP+B?

Or are you?

Spread yourself out.

Find agencies that do things you like doing. Then find some more. There are literally thousands of agencies across the UK.

Aim high, yes. But be happy at settling for a middle ground agency. You can always work your way up. I have.

After all, working in advertising at a small place is a million times better than working in a supermarket. And beneficial for your career.

So start putting your book in front of people.

Getting opinions.

And be prepared to start again. Or even switch creative partners.

If you’re hitting a brick wall in terms of meetings and interviews. You’re doing something wrong.

Go for a chat (not a book crit as such) or buy a creative a pint and get advice from them. You may have been doing it wrong all along – or just looking in the wrong places.

Getting a job in advertising ISN’T easy. The best get snapped up quickly. The next best are the ones that stick at it and never, ever, ever give up.

Just make sure you’re in either of those two groups. And not someone that didn't just do the minimum.

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Glug | Do you need a penis to be a creative director?

Do you like talks? We've got a great opportunity for you to win two pairs of tickets to next Glug event!

In the spirit of gender their next talk is aptly called, "Do you need a penis to be a creative director?" Sounds good from the outset right?! They've got a mega line up who are going to share stories from both sides covering the negatives and the positives of it all.

This isn't man bashing so it's open to all!

Nadya Powell - MD of Sunshine
Jo Wallace - Founder of Good Girls Eat Dinner
Jo Hodges – Creative Practice Director Communications and Media, LCC
Rafaela Perera – Executive Creative Director, BBC Worldwide
Joan Hillery – Director, JoanJoan
Kath Tudball – Design Director, The Partners
Dave Buonaguidi – Chief Creative Officer, CP&B
Helen O'Hara – Journalist, Empire Magazine

If your student / graduate level and fancy our freebies simply ping an email to (you will have to do a write up in return)

Grab tickets here if you want to guarantee yourself entry! (It'll be worth it). HERE



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Cannt Be Replaced | Day 4

Get the dish on DAY 4 right here:

Ed @BBGoodger - Analogfolk

This morning started with a fun brainstorming session for another cool brief that creatives Holly and Julie had just started working on. Later we began to go through some of the work that I have been doing this week, and they gave me some really helpful suggestions on how push them a bit further. So another great day at AnalogFolk! Despite all of the flooding and train issues. I can’t believe it’s been day 4 already, It has gone so quickly!!

Max – CHI & Partners

Day IV

When I arrived in the office today everybody was in a pretty good mood after taking home a cyber gold lion for Lexus' hoverboard last night. Had a casual celebration champagne for lunch and kept on working on the super bowl brief for the rest of the day. Everything is set up for a big finish tomorrow.

Tom & James – Wunderman

Having woken up expecting to row ourselves to work, the journey to the Wunderman office was relatively pain free.
Today our heads were down as we were finalising ideas for the big pitch to the ECDs tomorrow, where we will be presenting them the fruits of our week of labour. A crit with the jovial Richard and Nigel was a welcome break and we got some great advice from a very experienced team.
Sylvs & Aims @sylvsaims - GREY

Day 4 began with Aims getting up at 6am to vote and Sylvs remembering why she usually cycles to work after a nightmare experience on the tube. We spent the morning refining our ideas for McVities before showing them to the team at lunch. We were helped on with more sweet treat offerings from Vicki, this time including an incredibly sour apple bon bon which definitely gave us the punch in the face we needed to get inspired. After some great feedback from the McVities team we started the party early with 4 o'clock beers for the No Cannes do Party which included the best perk you can think of. Free Prosecco. We're feeling great now. It may be a different story tomorrow morning...

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Cannt Be Replaced | Day 3

Here's the wrap up from day 3!

Tom & James – Wunderman

Day 2 + 3 (because we were naughty yesterday and didn’t submit an entry): We had a hectic day. Presented initial ideas at our first ‘creative review’ and ended up having to ditch most of them. We consoled ourselves with falafel over lunch. Spent the rest of the day reworking the others – then it was off to the Cannt Be Replaced Speed Crit…

Today has been a little calmer. Developing the chosen ideas from yesterday further and getting stuck into a portfolio crit with one of the CDs. So far so good!

Max - CHI & Partners

After half the day working at (what at least already feels like) my desk I got the chance to join Will, a copywriter at CHI, doing some life writing for the Euros at a clients office. That basically meant sitting on the 12th floor next the the thames, watching the games and coming up with hilarious stupid puns. Iceland made my day.

Sylvs & Aims @sylvsaims - GREY

We started day 3 with a brilliant briefing from the lovely Vicki Maguire and the McVities team which was made even better by the constant supply of products (you really can't beat a chocolate digestive.) After demolishing nearly an entire packet of biscuits, we felt substantiously queasy and took advantage of the sugar high to quickly rattle off some ideas. After lunch we went through our concepts for HSBC which seemed to go down well and we ended the day on a high that wasn't brought on by sugar!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 09.28.38

Ed @BBGoodger - Analogfolk

Another great day at AnalogFolk. We had Eddie the filmmaker in today to record me answering a few questions for the YCC Cannt be replaced video. A couple of the questions I answered were what I thought the next big thing was going to be? And what sort of advertising I wanted to make in my career? I’m looking forward to the final edit of the video. I somehow don’t quite think I’m going to be making it onto the big screen though.


Matthew & Penny @hellomattdunn @pennylam65 - Karmarama

Today was an eventful day. Dickie came back to us with feedback on the work we did yesterday. It seems we impressed! Put straight onto a new brief for a digital bank. Half way through the briefing we all noticed an electrical burning smell. Seconds later we're all evcauated outside. Nothing like a bit a drama!

Charlie & Emily @Em_pemm @CharlieRaymont - GREY

Day 3: Today we where lucky enough to be briefed on McVities, and of course along with this we had the responsibly of sampling some of the products, and by some, we mean a lot so there goes our summer bods. As well as this to finish the day we had a great, insightful feedback meeting with the HSBC team.

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Cannt Be Replaced | Day 2

Sarah & Jules @theafghanhound1 – GREY

Today we met Vicki Maguire, fresh off the plane from Cannes, who revealed she will be giving us a brief involving coffee tomorrow morning...intriguing. Inbetween that we had a creative wander down Leather Lane and got a meaty HSBC brief. A Tuesday has never gone so fast.

Max - CHI & Partners

Arrived pretty early and surprisingly dry this time. A massive super bowl brief came in today and I can't wait to get my teeth into it! After a huge vietnamese lunch I had to do the little interview for the roundup video. surviving the first nervous minutes it ended up being really fun. On my way back I almost casually ran into the partners office but luckily was safed before I actually got in.

Matthew & Penny @hellomattdunn @pennylam65 - Karmarama

Today we were trusted to our own devices. Feedback from yesterdays work proved fruitful and was told to develop some gems. Working closely with Richard the CD is extremely rewarding. Highlight of the day was afternoon tea!! Victoria sponge cake and Lemon drizzle was on the menu today. Looking forward to tomorrow, we have a new brief coming in!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 09.23.23

Ed @BBGoodger - Analogfolk

A better morning than yesterday, as there was no rain, no confusion with the buses, and I had the pleasure of meeting one of AnalogFolk’s friendly K9s. The weather was so much better today! So we took the opportunity to have some lunch in the park, where I met some of the other designers from the agency. I also had my first review going over some of the initial ideas I had come up with yesterday and earlier this morning. Now it’s time to begin to develop some of them, and see where they go tomorrow.

Sylvs & Aims @sylvsaims - GREY

Day 2 consisted of warmer weather and enough risky agency Christmas card ideas to offend any good Catholic Grandmother. We had a break from the tinsel and candy canes and enjoyed a food market lunch in the park with the other teams Emily and Charlie, and Sarah and Jules. After getting back we got a great brief from HSBC and emails for 3 briefings tomorrow so now looking forward to a busy day Wednesday. The day was pretty relaxed compared to our evening. We attended the Cannt be replaced book crit night just around the corner. 8 crits in 24 minutes was intense but fun and we made some connections we hope to keep! So thanks YCC and Cannt be Replaced for another great day!

Charlie & Emily @Em_pemm @CharlieRaymont - GREY

Day 2: Today we carried on working with our christmas brief for half the day. After we explored the heavenly food market at lunch we then given a live HSBC brief to work on. We spent the rest of the day racking our brains to come up with some (hopefully) worthy ideas.

Picture one

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Single Mingle | The Big Match

Join the Young Creative Council and for the opportunity to find your next creative doubles partner (art director or copywriter) at D&AD's New Blood.

We're taking over their Soap Box event space in the Truman Brewery on Wednesday 6th July – bright and early from 11am – for our Wimbledon themed singles match.

Students, grads and juniors (if you're not working) can swing by for your chance to get 5 minute rallies with loads of potential teammates – think speed dating, but with portfolios – and take your first steps into advertising as a team.

Check out our Facebook Page to see all the action from our previous Single Mingles, they’re less daunting than you think.

Spaces limited. Ticket price refunded on attendance. Any questions, catch us on Twitter.

[button link="//" size="large" target="_blank"]GET TICKETS[/button]

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Cannt Be Replaced | Day 1

So over the course of the week we'll be sharing daily anecdotes from the teams! Here's your first instalment.

Charlie & Emily @Em_pemm @CharlieRaymont - GREY

Day 1: Despite turning up to GREY looking like drowned rats due to the 'first day of summer', as far as first days go this one has been brilliant. We have been made to feel welcome by a great creative team (Stevie and Emily), as well as being saved by other GREY colleagues from the coffee machine that nearly exploded on us.. Our first brief has us singing Christmas tunes and thinking about all things sparkly. We are really excited to see what tomorrow brings. Thats all folks, Charlie and Emily.


Tom & James - Wunderman

Things Tom & James did on Day 1 at Wunderman:
1. On arrival, we got off at the wrong floor and ended up in ASOS’ office. They seemed nice.
2. We finally met our hosts – the lovely Charlotte & Lucy – who were even nicer.
3. We signed a Non Disclosure Agreement to work on a super secret brief (shhhh…).
4. We grabbed lunch. Tom highly recommends the kebab place round the corner.
5. James was soundly beaten at table football. Twice.

Max - CHI & Partners

The first day of London summer. I had quite a hard time to get to soho in pouring rain and packed tubes but when I finally got there I got a super warm welcome. Equipped with a cup of coffee I got a little tour through the office and was introduced to the creative department. After a delicious welcome lunch I jumped onto the first brief. By now I switched to good old english tea. The rest of the day day went by pretty quickly and I left the office with the sun shining. It actually is summer in London.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 09.13.34

Ed @BBGoodger - Analogfolk

Weather was chucking it down this morning, making it even more difficult for me to navigate my way around the bus stops near Waterloo, frantically trying to figure out which queue I was meant to be standing in. Turns out I was in the wrong one. A really good first day at AnalogFolk. An awesome agency with a great vibe to it. And apparently it was a quiet day too! Met Simon my Creative Director, who briefed me on an exciting new project. Slightly terrified though as I’m currently the only one working on it! Had some great food from the market for lunch today. Had some Falafel in pitta it was delicious, but they give you so much! It was near impossible to eat without making a fool of myself.

Sylvs & Aims @sylvsaims - GREY

We arrived at our first day at Grey, rain soaked, excited and equally as nervous. Sat in the reception area we tried our best to point out the other two creative teams using the memories we had of their LinkedIn and website photos we had unashamedly creeped the day before. We watched as member after member of Grey came in, collecting their awaiting guests before we were greeted by Amy, introduced to the other teams and taken up to the 4th floor. After a mini tour, of which we only remembered the location of Thursdays free bar, we met the lovely creative team of Emily and Steve. After polite introductions we quickly started on our first brief- try to top last year's beard baubles Christmas card. A mean feat. The beard baubles had been spoken about by American new channels and none other than Philip Schofield on everyone's favourite morning tv programme. So what could we suggest for this year? The awful weather hammering against the windows outside helped us to forget it was the first day of summer and we got well and truly into the Christmas spirit. With turkeys and stockings, christmas trees and bells dancing around in our heads we conjured up ideas from the truly shite to the surreal. We finished the day with a handful of ideas we were happy with and looked forward to the next day when we would get to show and tell.

Matthew & Penny @hellomattdunn @pennylam65 - Karmarama

First day and they where gentle. Got to meet some fellow creative's and the big chief himself Dicky. No messing about though. Straight into working on some OOH for JustEat followed shortly by some tag lines. All in all a great first day! And they have a GIANT football bouncing around in the office!

Sarah & Jules @theafghanhound1 - GREY

We're Sarah + Jules and we met on the Watford course.
The first to text 'stripes' each morning gets to wear them.
Jules won today
On our first day at Grey we met a guide dog that guards a sweets cupboard, worked on a Christmas brief in June and got showered in Sharpies by the creatives.