We the undersigned hereby agree:

/ That we have been guilty of paying them too little, and keeping them on for too long, using them as a cheap source of labour.

/ That there is enough stress put on them to prove their creative worth without the additional stress of struggling to survive.

/ That, given their importance to our industry, we need to look after them better. As of now.

Therefore, we solemnly swear that,
from November 2018:

• We will pay our interns the current Living Wage (at least £10.55 per hour in London and £9 across the UK). 

• We will pay them a freelance rate of £100 a day after 3 months of service.

To add your agency to the list of places doing the right thing, email: stu@creaturelondon.com harris.benjamin@gmail.com to let them know you’re on board. And then email: andy@youngcreativecouncil.com to put your logo on this page.