June 2, 2017

The Working Week: 2 June

Too busy to be a sponge this week? Don't worry here are some things we've find interesting.

Ad news:

'You're not born loving advertising'. Read about Richard Brim stoking A&E/DDB's creative fire here > 

Random find:

Sew good. *Pun klaxon* see more here >

Be a lens gunslinger - and try avoiding being robbed in. Check it >

Scamping made easy. Obvs by Google >

Do good:

Help SCA2 raise some money for scholarships by laying off one bottle of bubbly at Cannes. Donate here >

Grad Gig:

Last day to apply for It's Nice That Graduates hurry up > 

5 minute digest over. Shout if you think you've got something worth being featured.

Until next week. Over and out.

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