March 1, 2017

WTF Wednesday : DesertX

At the very beginning of 2017 I was lucky enough to be in Los Angeles, a city that has very recently become lauded as a mecca for contemporary art. And I must say after visiting The newly opened Broad Museum and also The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA I began to learn why. I saw Doug Aitken's solo show 'Electric Earth' and must admit, I was blown away. Here are a couple of visual reasons why.

Anyways with Doug's name (and work) fresh in my mind I again saw his name pop-up. This time as part of 'Desert X', yep the desert. There's seeing art in a gallery and then there's seeing art in such stark and expansive space as the desert. And here's Doug's contribution, entitled 'Mirage'. Fuck yeah.

Luckily I learned of the exhibition early this year which only opened on 25th February 2017 (running all the way through till April 30th 2017). If you're in the area or lucky enough to be attending Coachella Festival this year then make sure you stop by one of the sixteen sites in the area. Not many things in this life are quite so spectacular. Check out these two pieces 'The Circle Of Land And Sky' by Philip K Smith III and 'Hearth' by Lita Alberquerque

Learn much more about Desert X at the official website. And if you can, GO.

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