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January 28, 2016 - Comments Off on CS Presents | Innovation vs Creativity

So hopefully the years got off to a good start and you're beginning to think about all those great cultural events you love to attend midweek. If that just so happens to be true, you're in luck, Creative Social have got a bamboozlingly good line-up for their next night and they've been ever so kind to hand us a couple of tickets to give to a pair of budding young creatives.

The people you'll have the chance to get close to are: Ben Little from Fearlessly Frank, Caitlin Ryan from Cheil Worldwide, Chris Clarke from DigitasLBi, Nadya Powell from Sunshine, Sam Ball from M&C Saatchi & Victoria Buchanan from Tribal Worldwide.

The title for the evening as you may have noticed from up top is, "Innovation VS Creativity" but if like me that isn't quite enough information for you to go on they've given us a little more.

"Over the last few years the industry has been fixated on the word innovation. But what does it mean? And what is its relationship with creativity? How are they different? Does it really matter?"

Sounds good right? If I haven't wetted your appetite enough for the event you can find out more info here.

If this sounds right up your street ping me an email and it could be your lucky day. All entries to:




December 8, 2015

Meal Of Fortune | Episode One

So Meal Of Fortune like totally happened last week, and from the sounds of things they all had a great time!

For this first never seen before event we brought together the lovely Paul and Laila (senior creatives at Karmarma) with hungry* Jess and Alicia (interning at Iris). This lovely couple of couples got to dine at advertising hotspot, Caravan on Exmouth market, with many a small plate to bond over whilst awkwardly finger bumping.
*for work and a just little bit for the food.

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November 11, 2015 - Comments Off on Design Your Life – Vince Frost

When you've had a long day at work, you're tired, or you're this that or some other excuse and you've got tickets to a Vince Frost talk GO! I mean 100% every time, even if you're arm is bent out of shape, broken, hanging from your body GO!

So the talk itself was the first in the series from the new D&AD president Andy Sandoz, who most of you will know better as partner of Work Club. He's given his lecture series a rather good theme, quite literally, it's all about having a positive influence on the world. Even down to this years New Blood briefs which are out now.

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October 29, 2015 - Comments Off on OFFSET

The OFFSET Festival comes to London this November. It is a festival of creativity meaning it appeals to and features industry creatives from a variety of fields.

I’m a Dublin lady, having moved to London back in March. I actually delayed my move to London for a week in order to attend OFFSET 2015, pretty sad I know but having attended it for the last five years it has always one of my favourite events of the year. Think of it like a music festival just without the bitter cold, camping and portaloo malarkey. OFFSET has always appealed to me on a number of levels. Firstly there are amazing, and I mean world class, creatives giving talks over a three day period and secondly drinking, lots of drinking because, well, advertising. Add a bit of industry gossiping into the mix with past colleagues/friends and a buzz of inspiration that last for months after the festival and you get my drift.

04_Johnny Kelly_Chipotle

Johnny Kelly - Chipotle

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October 28, 2015

Meal Of Fortune | Call For Entries

Fancy a free dinner? Then here’s your meal ticket.

The Meal Of Fortune gives you the chance to go out to dinner with another creative team in the industry. It’s not a date: it’s a friendly dinner with a couple of strangers that just so happen to do the same job as you. A simple spin on the meal of fortune wheel will decide where you’ll be eating.

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October 12, 2015 - Comments Off on Why aren’t women at the top?

Last week I attended a talk about one of the key issues in the creative industries right now, why aren’t there enough women in senior positions? It’s one you can hear being shouted all over ad land, but I hadn’t heard much about it in the fashion industry.

When you think of fashion, you picture Stella McCartney, Coco Chanel, Anna Wintour, the list goes on, but it turns out only 1 in 10 senior management positions in fashion are held by women. It’s this same unbalanced reality across all of the creative industries.

The night itself was hosted by London College Of Fashion at the very cool Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition lounge. (Great free exhibition to pop into by the way) It had some pretty impressive speakers to match, Hilary Riva OBE, Jason Beckley, Vanessa Kingori, Lou Stoppard and Ada Zanditon. That might just sound like a bunch of random names, but if I drop in that they head up ASOS, Show Studio, Clarks and GQ you can quickly see how big time they are.


One the major things as always that comes up in these kind of talks is childcare. How do I have a baby and a career? The thing that was really obvious here and slightly frustrating was hearing from people at the top that it’s not a problem for them. When you’re the boss, you can make work flexible, you can afford childcare, the things us lower down the scale could really use a hand with. Outcome: Get to the top, then have a baby when your 40+. (Not exactly a solution in my eyes)

For a while they discussed the idea of quotas, whether they’re good or bad? Should people be made to tick boxes from gender to ethnicity? Vanessa pointed out the obvious point of ultimately you can either do a job well or you can’t. Obviously that’s the case regardless of gender, but the thing that really needs to be thought about is how do we get women to put themselves forward for these roles?

Hilary Riva was saying the glass ceiling had already been broken by women before her. Now this is something I really can’t get to grips with. If one in ten women are in leadership roles it’s clearly only cracked, not broken. We need women in these leadership positions to support the rest of us, who are just where they were 20, 30, 40 years ago. If women don’t help each, who will help them?

Overall the talk left you sitting there with a million questions burning up inside you, and not many answers. You don’t attend a talk like this expecting an entire genders problems to be solved, but you hope for a progressive debate that might just start the ball rolling on a future where equality is achievable.

I just hope that the next time these people are in a room together we see a proper debate!

(Pictures from LCF)

September 23, 2015 - Comments Off on Where is the capital of creativity?

The advertising capital of the country, Europe and dare I say it maybe even the world, London. If you’re an advertising student this is most likely drummed into you from the get go, every agency mentioned, every campaign idea location, every talk, event and workshop all kick off in the big smoke. But what if you’re studying at one of the many universities that aren’t anywhere near London, what if you are in fact 300 miles away, in deepest darkest cornwall, like me. Read more

February 21, 2014 - Comments Off on D&AD Geek Out

So firstly, let me apologise, this is Geek Out through the eyes of a very unable at tech human being. In life though, we must attend talks that teach us things we don’t know about, that’s how we learn.

So Geek Out, a talk to make you realise that anything is actually possible, well if in the hands of the four speakers D&AD had lined up for us with this presidents lecture.

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July 22, 2011

Geoff Keegan : The Score

Ready folks? This week the ledge that is Geoff Keegan takes over our score. For those who don’t know Geoff he’s an infamous Geordie youth worker whose furry face is so endearing to a generation he appeared on our limited edition tote bags.

Last month we sent him to represent us at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Now you may have read other reviews of the event, but no one is more down with the kids than Geoff. Over to him.


Geoff sits back and reflects on the weeks activity. What's in it for the youth?

Alreet, lads and lasses… so I went te the Cannes Lions festival this year and… canny good it was! Met nice folk from many a different place, it were a mini-world like. Let me tell you there’s so much in it for ye young’uns.

Young Lions Zone
The Young Lions’ Zone is a hang out area for the under 28s [I snuck in hiding me beard behind an A2 sketchpad.] It woz buzzing with creative energy and yet so chilled out like. It felt a million miles away from the noise of The Grove. The kids filled out the place with graffiti… it were everywhere…the walls, the floors, the chairs, the lights.

Every child's dream

Yee lot wouldda loved it. Tha woz a smoothie bar, hammocks, beanbags, ipads hanging from the ceiling. Shame all youth clubs don’t get sponsored by YouTube and HP!

Smoothie Bar

New Directors Showcase
This is the place to see the latest young directors. Havin’ spent me life working with youngsters I’m always up for anything that helps 'em get their foot in. Pour yasel a bevvie and watch it here

Give o’er yer oldies
Every year AKQA challenges the smart kiddas in Uni to come up with 'an idea that couldn't be done five years back'. They say the bar is raised year on year as students dig up great insights and turn them into innovations by using technology creatively. Here's this year's winners [on a site created by YCC's very own Craig Kind.]

Meanwhile at the official Cannes competition for the kiddas [The Young Lions], there was much noise from the competitors about the ‘old school’ thinking of the judges, particularly in the cyber category where the pets were limited to a 'straight' banner ad. Maybies, the future truly lies with the Future Lions?

Me ma woulda neva belie’ this
Of course none of 'em could match up te me ol’ man Shearer. But I was pretty chuffed to see a few stars —Pharrell Williams, Robert Redford, Edward De Bono, Will.I.Am, Piers Morgan… Wait til I tell me mam!

A monkey could do this leik
And no, not a northern-monkey, real monkeys — primates leik. Yale University and Proton Studio collaborated to create the first-ever advertising campaign tailor-made for monkeys. It's a research project aimed at "understanding the most innate reactions to advertising". The research so far shows their response is no different from us humans. Why-aye, I could've told ye that looking at some of me ol' boys at the grove!

We're all monkeys

Tee much beeah
Ye don’t think I party much do yer? But I’ll tell yer I was king of the disco and neon tights in me time! And this year I'd give my top 'good crack' score to the Dutch. The Dutch music company Massive Music threw the craziest party in toon with fallen angels swinging above our heads and drag queens feeding us crowd oysters! The Dutch Young Creatives party kep' me gan mental till mornin' with beats from a top DJ from the 'Dam. And guess what there's a ferry direct from Newcastle to Amsterdam — I wanna spend more time with these nutcases!

Crowd surfing at Massive Music

The boozer
Getting mortal, gaan mental, havin' a little ruck…it's a usual night out for any Geordie. Nobody can beat us on that. Or so I thought!

A night at the Gutter Bar starts at 2 and ends long after the sun shows up and the brass runs out. The whole festival crowd comes down there and the little bar explodes into the main streets. It’s the most democratic place in the advertising world. Whether you are a Creative director or an intern here you'll be equally chatty, equally approachable and equally MORTAL! This is yer best place to network.

72 Le Croisette aka The Gutter Bar

It's also the place of the most expensive cheese fookin toastie in the world. Eight fookin Euros… they're 'avin a laff.


Them CDs tek’ the micky leik
I canne help but notice here there’s a lack o’ lasses in advertising [the 30-man queue for the little gents room said it all]. The poor pets that were there were getting manhandled left, right 'n centre. Hands flyin e’erywhere ye knaa what ah mean leik. Yer gaffers need ti show some respec’ for the lasses. Or aa've a good mind ti clash yorjaa!!!!

It's up to the next generation of creatives to retain the UK's edge in the industry.

So anyway, listen up yous. Ere’s mi top tips for surviving in Cannes as a kidda:
1. Snooze on the plane. Ya not getting sleep in Cannes.
2. Divvent offer to buy a drink! It’s fooking expensive man!
3. Always be ready with a chat-up line, ye ne’er know when you spot a Creative Director.
4. If the line were stupid, divint worry — he were probz mortal.
5. What happens in Cannes stays in Cannes. People are gonna forget yer, so grabba loada business cards and keep in touch when ye’re back.
6. Meet people, talk to everyone, see lotsa work, it’s the most inspiring place for a kidda. Be a sponge, soak it all up leik. Sunbathing is for hoity toities.
7. Never grow old leik. Stay young in mind and body. Just like me.

Me on me hammock


So there you go. When Geoff speaks we listen. We hope that monkey image is burned into your retinas.

Til next week.