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se. vii
whenever ur feeling down just remember how we can see the big bang happening, so there must be a future u somewhere that's looking at u and thinking lol what a mess but you'll get better


Now we’re past those dog-in-heat adolescent years of clumsily fiddling with the private parts of pretty much anybody’n’everybody, the thing we want to touch most in other people (as the altruistic adults we are) is what, I hear you cry? THEIR HEARTS, obvi.

Matt Weatherall, who we will nickname Mr Proactive for the purpose of this blog post, is the brains behind Special Guest, a night of 60-second talks given by… anybody who has a ticket and wants to speak. So yes - you, me, your mate Jal who’s got that start-up idea about bed frames, quiet Ben from accounts who actually dreams of rapping over classical music, Eden who’s going on 60 but is looking for someone to direct her neo-noir play. Not only might this be the long-awaited end of that smug TED Talk tone, but it’s a chance we rarely get in the Big Smoke, which is to really connect with your fellow Londoners. It’s happening on the 31st January, it’s only a measly tenner and your first drink is free. Boo fkin YA.


Due to my crippling obsession with New York chef Frank Prisinzano, I now dream in ragu. Check out his Instagram stories - he’s a silver fox senior and he’ll teach you to make asparagus parmigiano like tomorrow be Judgment Day, trus. But to appease dem savoury Italian sensations in your everyday waking life, check out Radici in Islington, Luca in Clerkenwell or Margot in Covent Garden.



The BFI are running a three-month film season examining the work of director Ingmar Bergman, featuring screenings and talks grouped thematically, so you don’t even have to pick out the key motifs like this is GCSE English or sumfink. Life is good, yh?

Like The Brothers Karamazov and the philosophy of Wittgenstein, Bergman is one of those cult legends you’ve heard of and have been meaning to get-tuh-know for years, but probably won’t. Ever. So take advantage!!! He was also a prolific theatre director, and an adaptation of Fanny & Alexander will be shown at The Old Vic from late Feb. FAB.

If un-treaded short-film territory is more up your street, head down to the ICA for their London Short Film Festival, a ten-day programme featuring the kind of experimental and boundary-pushing work the ICA does so well. If it weren’t for them I probs wouldn’t know who Quay Dash is, so hollaaaaa.


Souuuuund maaaaate. The British Library has a free exhibition on until 13th May called ‘140 Years of Recorded Sound’. The show tracks the progression of audio production and technology from gramophones to Spotify, reflects on the impact of sound on society, and has got some sweet dub beats to listen to from The Hippie Boys.

For your bedroom dose of aural lovin’, have a listen to Art Feynman. He’s krautrock, apparently. I don’t know what krautrock is and am refusing to Google it out of stubbornness. His 2017 release Blast Off Through the Wicker is pretty decent, he does pretend to be Nicolas Jaar quite a lot though. Luke Temple is his real name, and he also sings on this chun, which is worth a listen cos January’s wistful jams ain’t over yet, bud.


Or just... breathe. I never thought I’d be recommending spending over 45 squids on yoga and vegan brunch in a Masonic Temple organised by Psycle London A.K.A that place I screw my face up at whenever I pass like some kind of 5’10 insolent fem-child, but here I am. Give yourself a break, splash out and get stretchy (the clean-living version of schwifty ydk get me a Deliciously Ella to go pls k thx kl).

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se. vi

nu yr who dis? welcome back to sensei, troops, for your weekly London listings of all the stuff you should be turning the attention of your five senses to.

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October 18, 2017 - Comments Off on Creative Politics

Creative Politics

We kicked off this month with a super-exciting event. Teamed up with Edelman, we invited speakers from the world of advertising, design and political strategy to give us an inspiring insight into the world of politics and how to persuade a fickle nation. For those that couldn’t make it (and even those that did), here are the highlights of the evening.
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October 6, 2017 - Comments Off on Creative Social, AI & The Future Of Creativity.

Creative Social, AI & The Future Of Creativity.

We sent Lara Baxter & Edie Gill-Holder to this weeks Creative Social, get her low down on all things AI here:

Creative Social’s Production Social event, AI & The Future of Creativity, hosted in the very shiny and very spacious Twitter buildings, featured six diverse talks that, albeit concerning completely different uses of AI, seemed to thematically be about ridding us of the ideas that (a) the future success of AI will mean we’re all out of a job and (b) that computers don’t have the potential to be creative.

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September 12, 2017 - Comments Off on Creative Social – AI & The Next Generation of Creativity

Creative Social – AI & The Next Generation of Creativity

It's that time of the year again, summers over (sorry, but was it ever really here) and the shiny events of autumn can start filling up your calendar again.

The lovely bunch over a Creative Social have a goodie coming up to get in your diaries. And as they're so lovely they've given us 2 tickets to pass onto you guys. All we (YCC) ask is for a write-up and some twitter / insta action of course.

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August 25, 2017 - Comments Off on #CopywritersUnite Manchester

#CopywritersUnite Manchester

Last week I popped by the Copywriters Unite meet up in Manchester. Hosted by the lovely Megan Wright, the evening saw a host of wordy creatives flock to Manchester bar Ply, for a good old beer and natter!

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March 1, 2017 - No Comments!

Creative Conscience Awards

We’ve partnered up with Creative Conscience awards and Cause2Create to launch a creative brief around the Refugee crisis. The aim to improve connectivity, within camps, when re-settling in a new location, or how communities receiving refugees can help. This is a brief where the winning ideas can actually get made - so they can help real people.

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January 18, 2017 - No Comments!

CS Presents : Creative Super Powers

The new year is upon us and with that a flurry of events to inspire your tickers, noggins, brains or whatever you choose to call that thing at the top of your body are here.

Creative Social as always have got a bunch of jolly neat stuff lined up for the year, the first being Creative Super Powers. A session to help you reconnect with your inner free creative spirit, getting you ready to be fucking shit hot this year.

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April 13, 2016 - No Comments!

Meal Of Fortune : Episode Two

So that thing you now all know and love Meal Of Fortune happened again. And on a Friday night, super COOL. This time we sent out Rob and Sam from Grey with a rather lovely placement duo called Alex and Emily.

I'll let them do the talking... but all in all it looked, well sounded, like a ruddy fun night down at All Star Lanes in Holborn.

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June 16, 2014 - No Comments!

It’s Nice That : Here 2014

Everyone knows, we at the YCC love a good event and this one was up in the very top drawer. We’d like to thank It’s Nice That for having us over and letting us in the doors of the only ‘symposium’ we’ve ever been in! From start to finish this awesome day was meticulously planned and organised but the perfect thing about it was how it all seemed so relaxed. Nothing went wrong, everyone had a jolly old time and most importantly we left very inspired.

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