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November 19, 2015 - Comments Off on Girltastic | YCC X Creative Equals

We’ve made an observation. In universities, there are equal numbers of girls and boys who study advertising. However, by the time they get to signing their first perm contract, especially in creative, there are much higher numbers of boys than girls.

Something happens between leaving university and getting into the industry that makes girls quit or leave or change jobs.

We want to know what.

THUS, we will be launching a survey over the next few days to get to the bottom of it.

We will be partnering up with the wonderful Creative Equals to double team this problem and reach solutions based on what you guys need. If you lack female mentors, we’ll find you some. If you want to connect with more female peers, we’ll put on events. Whatever your answers reveal, we’ll do our best to make solutions that will make a difference to the problem.

We are seriously excited to be working with Creative Equals on this one because they are as hungry for answers as we are. This is a problem that contributes to the pitifully low number of female Creative Directors out there so we need to get our thinking caps on.

Watch this space, and in the mean time, check out: //

October 29, 2015 - Comments Off on OFFSET

The OFFSET Festival comes to London this November. It is a festival of creativity meaning it appeals to and features industry creatives from a variety of fields.

I’m a Dublin lady, having moved to London back in March. I actually delayed my move to London for a week in order to attend OFFSET 2015, pretty sad I know but having attended it for the last five years it has always one of my favourite events of the year. Think of it like a music festival just without the bitter cold, camping and portaloo malarkey. OFFSET has always appealed to me on a number of levels. Firstly there are amazing, and I mean world class, creatives giving talks over a three day period and secondly drinking, lots of drinking because, well, advertising. Add a bit of industry gossiping into the mix with past colleagues/friends and a buzz of inspiration that last for months after the festival and you get my drift.

04_Johnny Kelly_Chipotle

Johnny Kelly - Chipotle

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October 28, 2015

Meal Of Fortune | Call For Entries

Fancy a free dinner? Then here’s your meal ticket.

The Meal Of Fortune gives you the chance to go out to dinner with another creative team in the industry. It’s not a date: it’s a friendly dinner with a couple of strangers that just so happen to do the same job as you. A simple spin on the meal of fortune wheel will decide where you’ll be eating.

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November 12, 2014 - Comments Off on YCN AWARDS

Do you LOVE winning? The YCN awards are up and ready for you to get stuck into. Whether you like tea, flowers or dressing normally there is a brief for you.

This year they've given you loads of choice and loads of time. With a far off deadline of March 19th you've got ages to think, plan and create something ruddy awesome.

Check out their site here, and best of luck!

content_award-03Look at that SHINY award who wouldn't want that.

December 10, 2013 - Comments Off on Random Ad Brief

It's alive! Here's a new little service from the YCC that has come to fruition thanks to one of our young creative followers: Naomi Hodgson.

It's all in the URL really - so no need to waffle on about it

Need a random advertising brief to bolster you book? You know where it's at //

PS, if you think you've got a better brief, let us know and we'll make it so!

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June 25, 2013 - No Comments!

The YES Awards celebrate the best post and pre-graduate talent trying to break into the industry. Getting a YES from JWT's infamous 'No' man and ECD, Russel Ramsey is no easy task so the daring lads have decided to make it into an actual award!

Type of Brief: Monthly open brief

Deadline: Ongoing

Each month a guest CD from JWT will judge entrants work with one winner receiving a 'YES' and a chance to meet the CD face to face. So, if it's a placement, book crit or just advice you're after, this is your opportunity. At the end of the year Russell Ramsey will choose an overall winner at the YES party held at JWT London. Winners will receive the 'Big Fat Yes' award and a possible 3-month paid placement.

It all sounds fantastic to us so get going folks! And check out Facebook to find out which CD you have in store this month.

November 30, 2012

Unite VI : The Summary

So the dust has begun to settle since we took Unite VI to Catch in the the heart of Shoreditch a couple of weeks back. As ever we were lucky enough to showcase the work of 25 talented advertising creatives. We featured 11 singles and 14 teams who showed work from a wide range of courses here in the UK and some abroad. If you didn't come down to check out the talent we can only wonder "what were you thinking?"

It's that time to take this opportunity to thank all of the creatives and CD's that made it down to pass on crucial advice to the Unite exhibitors. As ever the list of agencies in attendance was unbelievably impressive. We had Wieden & Kennedy, Lean Mean Fighting Machine, Creature, BBH, JWT, Inferno, Glue Isobar, RKCR Y&R, Google Creative Lab, Grey, LBi, Weapon7, Karmarama, RPM...the list goes on..and on, and on.

If you couldn't make it then have no fear. For the first time we are proud to be able to bring you a website which exclusively links to the folios of all of the students and grads that were showing on the night. Say hello to Unite Creatives a perfect resource for agenciesand the icing on the cake for our exhibitors who are out there looking for placements and jobs. Have a look at their work will you!?

Some final thankses have to go to our resident photographer Mr Andrew J Attah (whole album of shots from UniteVI here) and our sponsors for the night Graham and his peoples at Purple Consultancy. We can say for sure that Unite VII will be happening in April 2013 so please do stick a reminder in your calendar if you wish to exhibit or come down and discover the next generation. There'll be many more details to follow in the coming months and we're expecting some format changes as we push the event further than ever before.

Fucking Yee-hah.

September 2, 2011

Return Of The Insight

Idea buccaneers, members of the insight allowance, we need you now more than ever. A battle is brewing in the depths of the advertising world. The dark forces (also know as The Client) have ruled for too long now, defying creatives who haven’t received adequate training to defend their ideas. We need to use the power of the insight, the truths behind all things in the known universe, that help us reinforce an idea when bombarded by the darkside.

This is a matter of pride, a matter of principle, a matter of necessity. We must train our Jedi minds and become one with The Insight, so future ideas will flourish for generations to come.

How do you receive this training, you ask?

Come to the Young Creative Council Insight Do-Shop on Thursday the 22nd of September at Poke London, where some of the best planning minds from around the galaxy will come forth and pass on their knowledge to you.

May the Insight be with you.


Our equipment and space is limited so only the very best fighters may come. To prove you have what it takes, you will need to send us a post-it note stuck on an inanimate object of your choice, and write on it what you think the object is thinking about. The more original, the more chance you will have of coming on our quest.

The deadline for entry is 1pm, on the 16th September.

Good luck


July 1, 2011

D&AD New Blood 2011 : Day 1

First year at New Blood, first day on the stand and first time to see if people were up for taking part in our activities. We weren't disappointed. It has been a great start to the 2011 New Blood, with students and advertisers alike keen to get involved with our 2 minute challenge and designing their own Y's, and it's only day 1! We also started having a look round some of the teams exhibiting at New Blood to see who should be chosen for one of our Skype crits, and already it's going to be a hard decision. Curse you New Blood and your large surface area, too much to see in too little time!

If you're at New Blood this year don't forget to come and say hi at our stand in the North Space. We have placements up for grabs, good banter and a Singles Mingle for all you single creatives out there looking to partner up. Come by our stand between 3 - 4 everyday.

Check out the video below for a quick round up of Day 1:


The YCC x

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