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May 31, 2016

Cannt be Replaced?

Are you looking for the chance to show an agency just how friggin awesome you are?

We're partnering up with Cannt Festival to give you the opportunity to jump in the shoes of the best creatives in this industry. The one's swanning off to Cannes to get toddled and pick up tons of shiny awards. You could be sitting in their desks whilst they're OOO, doing their projects, and showing them you're the next big thing!

It's for the week commencing 20th June, paid at a minimum of £376, and open to anyone who can share with us several examples of their work. We'll be putting the best candidates forward to agencies and then bing bang bosh, a week of work that could lead onto who knows what... Cannes next year?

If you want to be in the mix simply register here: //

If you're from an agency who might like to get involved, simply email: for more information.

Rumour has it there's quite a few CD / ECD seats already up for grabs!

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May 24, 2016

Break through the noise, that’s what you’ll be paid for

It’s getting to that time of year where if you’re an advertising student, you’re probably thinking: “Shiiiit, I best get myself one of those placements.” By now you’ve Googled the words ‘Creative Advertising Placements’. Been on the IPA’s website (you know who they are, right?). And filled out a perfectly thought out application form for BBH’s Barn (hopefully you didn’t miss the deadline). If this is all you’ve done, or dare I say less, it’s time to pull that finger out of your arse, and start using it to scratch your forehead, whilst you think about how you’re going to make yourself stand out.

Be your own brand

Hey you. Creative type. You’re about to enter the world of communications and branding, so for starters, you need to brand yourself. You don’t have to make a campaign about yourself (or maybe you do), but in order to stand out from the rest of your mates and other ad schools, it’s time to stop thinking like everyone else.

What are you going to be known by? ‘Tom and Ben’ or ‘Vikki and Hollie’? How many people do you know called Tom or Ben? Will your name be remembered? Probably not. Unless of course, you’re so brilliant that you’ve already won 10 awards.

Why not do something a little different? Creative team Newby and Wells did, by using their domain name in a unique way: //

But if you’re going to call yourself something wacky, don’t do it if it doesn’t stand for anything. Giving yourself a parody agency name like ‘we are Falcon’, ‘Starchy and Starchy’ or ‘BB8’ may seem amusing, but will it get you remembered? Not if you don’t do anything to back it up.

What I haven’t seen yet, is a team who have changed their names to something unique and original by deed poll, so there’s one option. Or maybe you could get married and be known by your shared surname, there’s another option.

Your website is your digital canvas. Your front door to the world. Your “how you doin?”. Simply putting your brand logos in square boxes isn’t really enough any more. You’re up against some serious competition. As creatives, we’re told to think outside of the box, so why have you made it 150px by 150px?

Use your art directional knowledge and create your own style that you’re proud of. Your website represents you, make it great. That doesn’t mean that everything needs to be mocked up, when you get into a crit, they may hate your idea and tell you to start again. Don’t waste valuable hours polishing marmite turds, unless those turds are the product of Latvian space traveling, Eurovision winning alpacas. The internet sure loves alpacas.


Get noticed

So you’ve got a book, made a website and you’re looking for crits. But before you can get a crit, your first challenge is to get past the agency gatekeeper and receive a response from the person in charge of placements. You and every other ad student graduating this year... you may be waiting a while. Time to think about a way to skip that queue. What’s going to get you first in line? Maybe you’ll win an award, maybe you won’t. Then what?

Your portfolio shouldn’t just be about amazingly executed print ads, it should be full of big ideas that get people talking. Creating PR ideas will be part of your job role, so doing something that gets public intrigue before you’re even hired is certainly a good start. If you’re thinking about doing a stunt, don’t just do one for the sake of doing something different, and whatever you do, don’t post your favourite Creative Director a picture of your feet, accompanied with the message: “I’m trying to get my foot in the door.” That CD no longer likes you, and you didn’t even get the chance to say hello.

When I was a student, I was told about creative team Callum & Marc (now employed at BBH) who got their first placement through their Megabus Book. It was this idea that got me thinking about what I was going to do to get noticed. After a bit of thinking, I realised that the well known creative award the Cannes Lion, wasn’t actually a whole lion, it was only half a lion. So I created the back half as a new award for Cannes 2015, The Cannes Lion Arse Award. I sent it to Campaign magazine and tweeted about it like crazy, and ended up going with my creative partner to Cannes after receiving a number of placement offers. My university tutors didn’t understand the idea and were nervous about us putting it in our book, which goes to show, your tutors aren’t always right. Follow your instinct.

Antonia Jackson cannes lions

So you make ads, what else?

Agencies are looking for T shaped creatives, multi-faceted bi-lingual freaks of nature, or something like that. So take photos of your leftovers , illustrate awkward boner moments, blog about Phil Jones’ face, code, make short films, play the trombone, write slam poetry or paint using only the force of gravity.

If you have a skill, try incorporating this into a proactive idea. Make that art series featuring Kim Kardashian. Design that new product that cures man flu. Think about the take out. Do you want it to go viral? Do you want a journalist to write about it? Or do you just want it to be respected in the ad world? Whatever it is, make sure you’re getting it in front of the right people.

Think about what’ll interest the person who’s going to give you your first placement. They want to see that you’re hardworking, proactive, and good at problem solving. So maybe start there. Find a problem and solve it well. Really well. Look for insights, find a solution, and get it talked about. If you can get a stranger to share your content, then you’re on the right track. Social media should be your best friend. It’s your platform to communicate with the industry, use your Twitter profile like a CV. Cover it with your interests, post your work, follow Creative Directors and recruiters, partake in @oneminutebriefs, and hashtag strategically so the right people find it.

One minute briefs

And for god’s sake, Tweet at your favourite CD’s and be brave, ask them for a crit. The worst that can happen is they won’t reply. If they don’t, message them again with something different until they do.

Everyone’s making noise. Make yours ultrasonic.

May 23, 2016

Graduates Are So Last Season

We’ve seen a surge of agencies on the hunt for new talent, but they’re no longer hounding the halls of residence for fresh meat, no, they’ve set their sights elsewhere…

Take Grey for example having just opened a workspace for children as young as 4 to come and interact with a micro version of it’s agency — hopefully the Grey Bar isn’t included in this experience. Then on the other end of the spectrum Ogilvy & Mather are opening up their doors to retirees with The Pipe. Now, these aren’t the first ones to the party — check out initiatives from Girlhood, Future Academy and D&AD.

So, what’s the reason the industry is widening the net from early 20’s adgrad? They’re all simply after one thing: The D… That’s right people, we’re talking about diversity. Agencies are actively seeking people from different backgrounds with different experiences, attitudes and learnings to pool from to create better and more original work.

This is genuinely a good approach, everybody should be welcomed into the advertising world fairly, but the cynic in me wonders if these scheme go any further than the shiny Campaign headline. Only time will tell.

Is this something students and graduates should worry about? Absolutely not. None of these recruitment drives ban graduates from applying. If anything, it just means there are more programs to apply to (woohoo). It also might make placementing circles a little more interesting. It can get a little awkward bumping into the same team from Bucks, placement after placement after placement (again guys, I SWEAR we weren’t following you).

Whether you're a grad, none-grad, teen, OAP, a minority... or even an alien from another planet, just come armed with good ideas and an even better attitude…And for the love of god, please don’t come with the same press ad expressed in 3 'different' ways.

May 10, 2016

YCC X Iris presents | The Adventurers

So you’re looking for a job in advertising...but what about an adventure in advertising?

We know how it is…graduations looming and you’re looking at getting those dates in the diary for placements, or perhaps you’re planning an adventure this summer? Well the guys over at iris are offering you both – their new placement scheme The Adventurers, part of iris Potential is about to launch and they’re looking for creative geniuses to join them and start their adventure in advertising.

So we’ve teamed up with iris for a book night on the 25th of May – where you’ll get face time with some of the best creatives in the building. Giving you the chance to show off your best work, ask questions and get some great advice –not forgetting there will be free booze! And by the end of the night maybe you’ll have even bagged yourselves a placement.

Interested? Book your tickets and join us from 7pm where you’ll get 3 x 15 minute crits with at least 1 CD/ECD, 1 MW/Senior team and one other creative. Creative teams and solos welcome.

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April 28, 2016 - Comments Off on Available | 4ft square live/work space with shared facilities

Looking to get your foot onto the creative ladder? JWT have space available. It’s only 4ft square, but it comes with all mod-cons including a desk, swivel chair, heating, lighting and broadband. And unlike the rest of London this space is available. And if you want it, it’ll even pay you to be there. £376 a week no less.

It’s ideal for students, graduates wanting to take their first steps into the market. And you’ll get to work on real stuff. Mr Kipling. Kitkat. Harvester. It’s not all food, promise.

Word from the estate agent is they reckon these desks we be snapped up quickly. So to arrange a viewing, ditch what you’re doing and fill in this application form.

References not required. Good work a must.

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February 16, 2016 - Comments Off on The Kennedys 2016

Are you a creative person that dreams of doing, making, being and seeing more of what the world has to offer? Well. Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam have just launched The Kennedys.

Now in its sixth year, The Kennedys are a small group of young creatives selected to take part in Wieden+Kennedy’s creative accelerator programme. They can come from any creative discipline to live together for a period of 7 months, while learning to concept, develop and produce real work for real clients. After crushing it for five years in Amsterdam,we’re spreading our wings and opening in London as well.

The Amsterdam team are mentored by long time W+K Creative Director Alvaro Sotomayor and producer Judd Caraway, while the London team will be announced soon.

WK eyeThey're looking for writers, photographers, directors, artists, designers, filmmakers, animators, tech developers, game designers, doers, makers, thinkers, schemers and plotters with a personal voice and a unique creative vision whom have the ability to speak decent English.

They're currently accepting applications until March 15, 2016 to start June 1, 2016, so get filling in their weird and wonderful application form now.

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January 26, 2016 - Comments Off on YCC X Creative Equals | Free IPA Course

OK, so we'll admit we haven't shared the results of the YCC x Creative Equals survey with you just yet... But the insights have been really interesting and we've been busy working behind the scene's to see what opportunities we can offer you young female creatives. Before we get to the in-depth results we have our first great partnership and training to announce...

BEHOLD! With thanks to Creative Equals and Major Players, we bring you one sponsored place on the very prestigious IPA Foundation Certificate course. You guys told us money was an issue preventing you getting through your placements but now we can offer you a FREE spot to get an AMAZING qualification that should speed those placement months right along so you can get into the industry quicker. These courses are usually only open to IPA members but not only have they opened them up for one of you lucky girls, it also usually costs £225(+VAT) which Major Players will kindly cover.

Be quick, the deadline is 6pm TOMORROW! Yes, Wednesday 27th January at 6pm. If you’re chosen you’d have to complete 35 hours of e-learning ready for your exams on 22nd Feb.

All you need to do is send us a link to your portfolio and 100 words in an email to saying why you should get the spot. You just need to be a young female creative, with some existing placement experience.

December 9, 2015 - Comments Off on Win a Placement at Mother

What would you do for a placement at Mother?

Eat your own testicles?

Kill your grandma?

Stab a badger in the eye?

Well now you don’t have to.

This Christmas, two creative seats at Mother are being raffled for Save The Children.

Some may call it bribery. Others a bit of fun. We call it a no brainer. And you can steal ALL the stationary – and set up a rival to London Graphic Centre – all for a princely sum of £10 (or more if you'd like). No book crits needed. Nor experience. Apparently you don't need to be a team. But you could go halvesies if you are.

Entries end THIS FRIDAY (11/12/15), so be quick.

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December 8, 2015

Meal Of Fortune | Episode One

So Meal Of Fortune like totally happened last week, and from the sounds of things they all had a great time!

For this first never seen before event we brought together the lovely Paul and Laila (senior creatives at Karmarma) with hungry* Jess and Alicia (interning at Iris). This lovely couple of couples got to dine at advertising hotspot, Caravan on Exmouth market, with many a small plate to bond over whilst awkwardly finger bumping.
*for work and a just little bit for the food.

Read more

September 30, 2015 - Comments Off on Placement Horror Stories – The life of an intern

When all seems dark and gloomy six months into interning, steeped in overdrafts and living on gravy soup you may question is it really worth it?

Being an intern in London is hard, getting by on minimum wage if you’re lucky, and living in near squalor isn’t what anyone imagines when they’re handed that glossy degree. But it is the reality for many graduates in the last few years and it doesn’t show any sign of changing. Read more