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March 15, 2018 - Comments Off on New ideas for a new academy

New ideas for a new academy

Can you help our friends at Created? They'd love to pick your brains...

Created is a brand new academy, and they're looking for new creatives to take part in research and help build a new kind of learning programme that will accelerate creative careers.

Here's a bit more about them, in their own words:

"At Created, we believe anyone who wants to work in the creative industry needs the right mindset to do well, not just the right skillset. That’s why we work with real industry people to develop learning experiences true to the real world. Actual briefs, proper feedback, zero fluff.

We bring together mentorship from the pros, personal development and portfolio support to form a unique 9-month programme, built around what you need, that happens both online and face-to-face. We’ve been in the business, so we know how important it is that whoever’s hiring you can see the whole creative person, not just the parts that look good.

We’ll get you there, then it’s up to you…"

Created are conducting research interviews throughout March and April, offering a chance to make some more connections in the industry, whilst giving them valuable feedback about what you think of their product. You'll also get rewarded for your time too.

So if you've had an interesting uni experience (good or bad), feel like your course needed more of something (and less of other stuff) or felt your three years of graft didn't quite result in the dream you were sold. They want to hear how you'd improve it.

Interested in taking part?

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