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November 11, 2016

Cause2Create X YCC X Creative Conscience | Live Brief

We've teamed up with Cause2Create and Creative Conscience to bring you a brief that really could make a difference in the world.

The brief is come up with solutions that connect refugees, this could be connecting them in camps, into where they arrive or to their families back home. The brief is open to you solutions whether they're product, advertising, a platform, anything! The only must is that they're feasible to produce, there's no big budget here. Think grassroots, partnerships things you might be able to do yourself with a bit of backing.

Head over to // to read the full brief and get thinking!


creative-conscience c2clogo

November 1, 2016

Get Into Mother London

We’ve got a very special competition launching today – with a prize that can’t be bought.

We’ve acquired a 6-sheet poster site INSIDE Mother London and we’re giving it away to one lucky person/team for a week.

That’s 1800mm x 1200mm of goodness in Mother’s reception. You can even go and see it in-situ – and we might be able to pull a few strings and get a book crit too. If you’re around that week, obviously. And that week is also Mother’s Christmas party week. So it’ll get maximum exposure.

To be in with a chance to win your first ever ad spot, simply send a PDF submission to the brief below.



It’s as open as that. Think clever, interesting and different. This isn’t a wall at your degree show, it’s a proper ad. But we want you to sell your wares. Be it your ads, your side projects or yourselves.



No latecomers. Judging happens that night and we need to supply the artwork by the Monday after.


  • Just send a scaled down PDF for now. Not a 400 meg file. If it can’t be emailed, it’s too big. Save it as 'smallest file size'.
  • It’s a portrait poster and it’s huge. Anything you send us must be able to be scaled. Don’t even think about sending us a 300px x 300px grab off the internet. It’ll look shit.
  • InDesign is your friend. We’ll artwork the thing, so don’t panic about that. We’ll just need your open working files if you win. Don’t flatten anything.
  • It doesn't have to be polished. You'll have as much chance of winning with a doodle as something that's Mac'd.
  • Have fun.

Good luck.




September 23, 2016

#CSPresents Agency 20/20

The YCC sent Fernanda Gasparin and Alejo Sassano (Creative team @ TJX Europe.) to the latest #CSPresents event, here's what they had to say!

We went to the ‘Agency 2020’ talks hosted at DigitasLBi thinking about the distant future. And then we realised… 2020 is only 4 years away! We were interested in knowing what the actual and future scenarios were for the agencies, and also excited to see all the speakers:

Ed Warren, Creative Partner, Creature. @creature_ed

Shanice Mears, Culture Executive, Iris Worldwide. @shannieloves

Brian Cooper, CCO, Oliver Group, ECD, Dare. @_briancooper

Liz Jones, CEO, B2B Dentsu Aegis Network and Exec Sponsor of Diversity & Inclusion.

Sam Conniff, Joint CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Purpose Officer, Livity. @samconniff

Ed opened the event talking about what will change. He did it by mentioning 5 assumptions that will die by 2020. They were: 1- Advertising agencies only make ads, 2- We’re in the business of selling time, 3- Our job is to write the work, 4- The creative team is two people with a book of ideas, and 5- Media and creative are separate businesses.


Then it was Shanice’s turn. Her talk was from the perspective of someone who is now part of the change. She defined herself as a new type of employee as she has a ‘new’ kind of role, one you don’t find in traditional agencies. Her views about 2020 was that some brands are already preparing for the future, adapting to the DIY culture and starting to give some space to the non-mainstream scenario. She also commented on how she sees work will be in the future: refreshed teams, younger workers, hierarchies will dissolved and work culture will tilt towards the employee.


Brian then continued the talk with an interesting insight. He compared agencies to Marshal Haig, an army officer who didn’t want to adapt and attempted to fight WWII with WWI ways, ignoring the technological advances that occurred during 20-something years. He then added what were the factors that are putting this changes in motion: speed of business, economics (being faster and cheaper), and ad literacy (now clients can come up with ideas too).


Liz then shared her thoughts on how to be the change. She introduced the new Dentsu Aegis Agency: fortysix. It was born out of 3 needs: to win in a changing digital economy, to be a force for good and to be a Jedi (all Jedis look different but are after the same goals while enemies all look the same).

Sam then concluded the talks by creating a conversation around how agencies and brands need to be reactive and how they need to write the future (through an interesting comparison with pirates). He also shared the challenges that agencies are facing, but then added that there are a lot of interesting changes that will happen: business models, customers, talent, leaders and markets are changing.


The event was finished with a brief Q&A. We left the talks with a lot to think about, and excitement for what will come (by 2020). We also would like to chip in the conversation about the different topics that were discussed. As we said before, 2020 looks like the distant future, but it’s only 4 years away. Will already established agencies be able to change in such a short amount of time? How did they manage to change before? How can we -as ad people- contribute to end the assumptions that the ad world carry nowadays? It is our job to assume responsibilities and be active.

Because as we already know, the world keeps spinning. And changing.

Fernanda Gasparin and Alejo Sassano. Creative team @ TJX Europe.

May 3, 2016

YCC X LK presents | Long Story Short

You can read articles. You can watch YouTube clips. You can favourite Tweets. But nothing beats absorbing information on how to kick-start your creative career better than being there and hearing it for yourself. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the publishers Laurence King to cut a Long Story Short.

Join us from 7pm 24 May at Creston Unlimited’s rooftop bar as we rewrite the rules and share ‘Career advice you can’t google’.

Our three speakers for the evening are:

  • Catharine Slade-Brooking – ‎Senior Lecturer at University for the Creative Arts and author of ‘Creating a Brand Identity: A Guide for Designers’
  • John Ingledew – Senior Lecturer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and author of ‘How to Have Great Ideas: A Guide to Creative Thinking’
  • Gem Barton – Designer, curator, lecturer and author of ‘Don’t Get a Job … Make a Job’

They’ll be sharing their thoughts, insights and giving you tips on making an impression after uni.

Afterwards you’ll be able to get your hands on a signed copy of each of the author’s latest works with a 35% discount.

So grab your notepad. A book. And enjoy an evening where everything is cover to covered.

[button link="//" size="large" target="_blank"]BOOK TICKETS[/button]


This event is for creatives, copywriters, art directors, designers and anyone else interested getting into the industry.



April 27, 2016 - Comments Off on New Blood Shift

Are you aged 18-26 bursting full of creativity, but don't have a degree?

D&AD have a super awesome new opportunity that might just be right up your street. They're launching a night school for 15 young things who aren't in the creative industries but should be! Do you blog, write funny tweets, doodle, code, or something else that's weird and wonderfully original? It won't interfere with your work, but it will get you geared up to get into the creative industries.

Know someone this is perfect for... TELL THEM.

Check out all the info here: //

Deadline to apply: June 1st.



April 19, 2016 - Comments Off on Creativity is the cure, now what’s the problem?

So it’s Adweek Europe and D&AD festival right now, which basically means a load of people aren’t at work including myself. I had the joy of popping down to the CP+B early doors talk “Creativity is the cure. Now what’s the problem?” (With Dave Buonaguidi, Heide Cohu and David Abraham)

CgZYsZ0WEAAjMjD copy

Turns out we are, well part of it anyway. “The business is flat, and the industry is getting worse and worse.” - Dave Buonaguidi starting the morning with a rather depressing quote, but very exciting opportunity. What exactly are we going to do about it? “Be more entrepreneurial.”

There was a lot of information being fired out rather fast but basically, the industry has gone down this path where it does work for the industry not for consumers. We’re meant to be a service for businesses but have turned into a commodity about price. We should be creating culture. More importantly we should be able to create culture, not just steal some shit off Youtube.

Our work should be a collision of creativity, culture, and business, if it isn’t we aren’t doing our jobs properly. Dave used CP+B’s journey with Dominos as an example of this, turning shit pizza into a tech company that’s actually pretty loved now.


His broader message was that we should be doing this amazing exciting stuff, that we’re not embarrassed to show other people. Things that engage people by using their brand to do creative things.

Heide reminded us that creativity isn’t easy, and it shouldn’t be. She was after all involved in that famous Red Bull space thing none of us will ever forget. (Which in itself is a reminder of how bad the industry is as that happened in 2012!!!!!!!! and we still can’t stop talking about it.) If there’s not many challenges it’s probably not going to be that great. Real creativity is a massive commitment, for everyone involved. It’s so much bigger than the creative department.

She went into her move to Bacardi after Red Bull and astounded me with the fact that the drinks group when she joined has 6,700 agencies retained globally. LITERALLY WTF? How can anything happen with that many people involved.


Well it can, there’s Bacardi Triangle and the Bombay Sapphire film project led to a BAFTA, not forgetting big business growth for both of them.

David Abraham of C4 showed us this….

And raised the question of how do we nurture people in the industry.. but we ran out of time to properly explore that. He did mention this mega project though: // I know it’s a press page but I can’t find another link to it.

Dave wrapped it up pretty nicely though with all the risk taking and bold moves attitude. What’s the worst that can happen? It’s advertising.

February 26, 2016 - Comments Off on Creative Social | Innovation vs Creativity

Hey Guys here's the (not so) live report from Bruck + Fontes at Creative Social, on behalf of the YCC, enjoy!
This week's event was titled 'Innovation Vs. Creativity' so we knew to expect a tough battle of the two. When we arrived at DigitasLBi, home and host of the Creative Social, we started noticing little bits and pieces that were new to us as frequent Creative Social goers: TOOOOOONS OF PRESENTS!!!!
Shortly after the event had started, we found out why: Creative Social was very excited to announce a long term partnership with Twitter and we also got to know what exactly the items were for:
- The Fortune Teller (apparently in America they call them 'Cootie Catcher') is a smart tool to help you develop the most innovative and creative digital campaigns of the future. According to the Cootie Catcher, the next big thing Bruck + Fontes will be running will be a selfie campaign... with Justin Bieber.... In Space. Sounds like this could definitely break the internet.
- The Sunflower seeds were a nice little piece of greenery that we could plant on our desks and watch grow!
So now, to the speakers! Nadya (@NadsBads) introduced the topic of the event with the simple question: What is Creativity and What is innovation? But as it turned out, the question wasn't that simple at all and everyone seemed to have different opinions about the both.
What became clear however, was that none of the speakers thought that Innovation and Creativity are enemies but rather things that go hand in hand. Ben Little, Founder of Fearlessly Frank (@FearlesslyTweet) presented it as the same dilemma as the chicken and the egg, we'll never know what came first but we know that there will never be one without the other.
Caitlin Ryan, ECD of Cheil, gave a very good example of this: Pixar. She talked about how Pixar is not only called one of the most creative companies in the world, it's also known for revolutionising the animation industry through Innovation. Caitlin recommended Ed Catmull's book Creativity, Inc. Both having read the book, we can completely agree.
Sam Ball (@samuelball), Partner of Lean Mean Fighting Machine and now CD at M&C Saatchi said "Creativity is a pussy. It can fail. With innovation, the end goal can't fail because you're going to make it happen somehow in the end." In contrast, Chris Clarke (@@albionics), CCO at Digitas LBi, gave a great example of how innovation can actually fail, if it's just used for the sake of it.
He showed Dentsu's Neco Mimi, a device with cat ears that you place on your head for it to read your brain waves and depending on how happy or sad you are, the ears go up or down. (WTF)


Victoria Buchanan (CD Tribal Worldwide) walked us through the different processes of Creativity and Innovation side by side and showed how, despite of how different they are, they both release in us the same feeling of excitement and joy once we've found a way to make them work.

unnamed-2 unnamed-3

Some more highlights of Tuesday night included: When Caitlin Clarke emphasised on the importance of diversity in our industry to foster and breed creativity and innovation, yet pointed out the sad reality that the industry right now is full of white, bearded males.
Having taken part in The Great British Diversity Experiment last month, and experiencing the immense value of working with diverse teams ourselves, we completely agree: Our industry needs more diversity, because diversity leads to better ideas, better companies and ultimately to better innovative and creative solutions for the problems of tomorrow. ....And to make that point absolutely clear, Caitlin had the perfect slide, telling us the naked truth.
This is how our industry needs to look like.
We hope this could give you a little insight into the event, Bruck + Fontes, over and out!


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January 28, 2016 - Comments Off on CS Presents | Innovation vs Creativity

So hopefully the years got off to a good start and you're beginning to think about all those great cultural events you love to attend midweek. If that just so happens to be true, you're in luck, Creative Social have got a bamboozlingly good line-up for their next night and they've been ever so kind to hand us a couple of tickets to give to a pair of budding young creatives.

The people you'll have the chance to get close to are: Ben Little from Fearlessly Frank, Caitlin Ryan from Cheil Worldwide, Chris Clarke from DigitasLBi, Nadya Powell from Sunshine, Sam Ball from M&C Saatchi & Victoria Buchanan from Tribal Worldwide.

The title for the evening as you may have noticed from up top is, "Innovation VS Creativity" but if like me that isn't quite enough information for you to go on they've given us a little more.

"Over the last few years the industry has been fixated on the word innovation. But what does it mean? And what is its relationship with creativity? How are they different? Does it really matter?"

Sounds good right? If I haven't wetted your appetite enough for the event you can find out more info here.

If this sounds right up your street ping me an email and it could be your lucky day. All entries to:




January 26, 2016 - Comments Off on YCC X Creative Equals | Free IPA Course

OK, so we'll admit we haven't shared the results of the YCC x Creative Equals survey with you just yet... But the insights have been really interesting and we've been busy working behind the scene's to see what opportunities we can offer you young female creatives. Before we get to the in-depth results we have our first great partnership and training to announce...

BEHOLD! With thanks to Creative Equals and Major Players, we bring you one sponsored place on the very prestigious IPA Foundation Certificate course. You guys told us money was an issue preventing you getting through your placements but now we can offer you a FREE spot to get an AMAZING qualification that should speed those placement months right along so you can get into the industry quicker. These courses are usually only open to IPA members but not only have they opened them up for one of you lucky girls, it also usually costs £225(+VAT) which Major Players will kindly cover.

Be quick, the deadline is 6pm TOMORROW! Yes, Wednesday 27th January at 6pm. If you’re chosen you’d have to complete 35 hours of e-learning ready for your exams on 22nd Feb.

All you need to do is send us a link to your portfolio and 100 words in an email to saying why you should get the spot. You just need to be a young female creative, with some existing placement experience.

December 9, 2015

Big Bowls 2016

Bowl up, bowl up. Big Bowls is back. We're now in our third year of discovering the best bowler in the creative industry. Last year, the crown went to John Yorke from Fold7 and on Monday 25th January at All Star Lanes, Shoreditch, we'll see who brought their A game.

This industry event is for students, grads, planners, ECDs, creatives – basically everyone! If you can bowl and you fancy some industry banter between the bumpers, then there's only one place to get an award worth winning.

[button link="//" size="large" target="_blank"]BUY TICKETS[/button]

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