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Big Book Crit 2018 – Autumn Edition

Looking for feedback on your work from leading creatives in agencies up and down the country? Well, you're in luck – the DMA Big Book Crit is back for it's Autumn edition in five locations nationwide.

It's free to attend and you can be a student or a grad – so long as you have an ad portfolio.

This year they're at:

Prophecy Unlimited on Tuesday 6 November 5-9pm

Oliver in London on Wednesday 7 November 6-9pm

Ideas Factory in Norwich on Thursday 8 November April 5-9pm

Cello Signal on Thursday 8 November 6-9pm

TBWA onThursday 8 November 6-9pm

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se. xxii

wish you were back to school too, chum?


Camden Arts Centre currently has a whopping TWO shows not to be missed (rare to get so much goodness under the same roof in one go) so head down before mid-Sept to catch ‘em. Photographer Peter Fraser’s show Mathematics does an ace job of getting your brain to wander using still images, and kinetic artist Yuko Mohri brings you into her rhythmic Rube Goldberg world using clever mechanical tricks-n-treats.

Hayward is back in full swing now, their second exhibition since the revamp will be the group show Space Shifters, opening late September and with the intention of messing with your perception of space. It features work by Anish Kapoor, Yayoi Kusama and (a personal favourite) Daniel Steegman Mangrané, so you’re guaranteed to get your visual-spatial muscles suitably tripped out. sensei highly hopes it will be better curated than the Lee Bul show, where the work of a talented-beyond-words performance artist felt shrunken down to a blank museum corpse. Sorry, Southbank.


Uber awesome creative director Es Devlin has got her installation ‘Mask’ up in Somerset House until 23rd September, well worth the viz. The South-East London-based stage designer has pulled out her immersive stops for the likes of Ye, Jay-Z, Louis Vuitton, The Weeknd and The Brits. Are the Brits even cool? Dunno, but her film superimposed on sculpture superinvolved in installation bloody is. CHEKKIT.

You might think the third floor of Selfridge’s is only home to mens’ ties that each cost more than a month’s rent, but until 6th Sept you’ll find the installation Super Sharp Reloaded squatting there instead. Curated by Tory Turk and co-conceived by Saul Milton, the show is the first instalment of a series of exhibitions called RTRN II JUNGLE, all about looking at the style in the UK garage and Jungle music scenes - in particular the appropriation of Italian luxury labels like Versace, Moschino and D&G.

In other news, Eleven Pond’s 1986 album Bas Relief has been dominating my Spotify, I suggest you melt your ear hairs over the Bedroom Mix of Watching Trees, too.



Getcho nose OUTTA the sand with the Open City Documentary Festival running over at the ICA from 4-9th September. If you, like me, are always lamenting this image-saturated world we live in, and blaming it for our generation feeling like “we’ve seen it all before”, then perhaps you, like me, will find a glimmer of hope in this fiesta of creative documentaries. They’re (about 70%) sure to throw up something we’ll feel slightly less desensitised to. Plus, I spy John Malkovich.

Have been bleeding my eyes dry watching the IG stories from @tastecadets, featuring People Just Do Nothing’s Allan (there = Grindah, here = Seapa), Kieran and Marcus caning round London on Mobikes, working up appetites on Welsh campsites and getting serious sustenance from places like O.ppa in Richmond, where the Korean BBQ looks more legit than Elle Woods’ perm-related cross-examination.

For more DIY BBQ delights I’ve got some recos in from someone actually Korean - she makes kimchi in paddling pools using cabbages in the multiples of 24. Put that in your pipe and ferment it. To find the finest in Central head to Olle in Shaftesbury Ave, but if you’re after London’s top top Korean BBQ offering, head to Jin Go Gae down in New Malden.


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Creative Social’s Creative Superpowers Event

What's your creative superpower?

Creative Social are back with a super superpowers event this September and you're invited. For this one they'll be exploring the superpowers of maker, hacker, teacher and thief, so it's sure to be a goodun.

They've also got some serious talent to do the talking. With Daniele Fiandaca, Laura Jordan Bambach, Mark Earls & Nadya Powell just to name a few.

And because they're so ruddy lovely we've got a pair of tickets to give away in exchange for a lovely little write up. Just email holly@youngcreativecouncil.com to be in with the chance.

They've also sorted us a little discount code for our lovely community so for 10% off head here.

SUPER DUPER!! See you there.

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se. xxi

damn daniel, it august and you ain't even done your spring clean yet


Hands up if your weekend brunch hankerings are now starting as early as 4pm on a Monday. Hands up if you just really wished that London would fix up and dedicate an entire weekend to brunch. OK everyone with their hands up can bloody well HIGH FIVE each other because the FIRST EVER BRUNCH FESTIVAL is coming our way on the 1st September. I ain’t sorry.

Also Frank Prisinzano is doing his annual food tour around Italy at the mo and his IG story-hopping between Lake Como and the outskirts of Tuscany is making my gallbladder - which I suspect is of Italian descent somehow - ache with longing. It’s a crying shame but I have a feeling Covent G’s Bancone is gonna sort it all right out. There are clams with seaweed butter on the menu and what that means is I don’t even need to finish this sentence.


A paper outlining exactly how much we are cannonballing ourselves and our rapidly changing climate straight into ‘Hothouse Earth’ has had us sweating like Theresa in Brussels. And if for some barbaric reason it hasn’t, Al Gore’s coverage of the Mendocino Fire Complex - now California’s largest wildfire on record with an area measuring LARGER THAN FKING DALLAS - sure will. If you’re now burning with a need for action then check out the Climate Coalition and in particular Speak Up Week, where you can get your MP to sign the cross-party letter backing a zero emissions target by 2050, and also find or organise events near you. Do the right thing, violator.


GAIKA is the latest in the “I’m a creative director of everything I touch” series (notable alumni include everyone on your IG feed rn) boasting songwriting, performance art and a recent lookbook collection called ‘Armour in Heaven’ featuring Flohio and Mista Silva as models. He’s also political editor of Dazed, and I’m not sure if this is more of a joke than Dazed having a political editor in the first place. Sneeriness aside, his new album ‘Basic Volume’ isn’t half bad, and his multidisciplinary talents continue to manifest themselves through an interactive musical experience (jargon points thru the roof) at Somerset House, commissioned by Boiler Room and focussing on the irrepressible power of sound system culture - focussing on and coinciding with August Bank Hol’s Notting Hill Carnival, which I hope everyone is putting on their happy hats for!!!


THEEEE ULTIM8 LDN LOLS EXPERIENCE is back, you know what it is sons, itz Secret Cinema A.K.A a secret film (it’s Romeo & Juliet tho everyone knows that by now) in a secret location (I’m smug at where it is so 3 guesses which part of London we’re talking) with sooo many more secrets that you and your crew gonna feel like the human embodiment of Chinese Whispers. Snap up some tix for various dates throughout August. No one ever regrets.


Considering he was a complete giant in fashion, you probably never realised just how physically little Mr Azzedine Alaïa was. This exhibition at the Design Museum celebrating the late Tunisian designer features photos of him next to towering elastic supermodels that read almost like a series of comedy double acts. Next to these humorous bursts and the spectral dresses floating around in his signature sculptural style, what really breathes life into the show is the ‘Film Room’. Featuring a fashion short starring Linda Evangelista teasing males like it was 1986, and old runway recordings featuring (how could it not) the one who called him ‘Papa’: Naomi Campbell. It’s in these screenings that you get a real sense of “the Alaïa girl”, with all her sensual spontaneity and feminine invincibility. She’s happy-go-lucky but with a deep vamp pout and it works wooooonders.


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Creative Stories From Cannes – The Roundups Roundup

So, you missed Cannes AND Creative Social’s Cannes round up? Fear not, here’s a write up of Creative Social’s round up.

Creative Social held their 5th annual ‘Creative Stories … from Cannes’ (previously Mini Cannes) on 18th July. Partnering with audio network and The IPA, they brought together a whole host of Cannes speakers to talk about the trends and tips from this year’s festival.

A rather blurry image from Scarlett and Charlotte’s talk


First up on the agenda was the role of brand purpose. And buzzwords they most certainly are not. Charlotte Cramer (Strategy Consultant, Co-Founder of CRACK+CIDER, and Author of Be Bad, Do Good) and Scarlett Montenaro (Creative, 18 Feet and Rising, and Co-Founder of CRACK+CIDER) teamed up again for ‘Advertise Like You Give A Damn’ (www.alygad.com), urging the industry to reconsider effectiveness. They argued that effectiveness isn’t effective when it’s largely based on ROI. Return on Investment may sound like a pretty solid measure, but it fails to consider real social impact. Take makeup brands, according to their ROI they’re performing well but where is the consideration of impact on young girls’ confidence? Advertising is not doing enough. The pair called out industry bodies, arguing that they need to set horizons further. Awards for positive impact need to be given on a longer-term basis, not for work based on a short annual cycle.

Jung von Matt AG for Edeka, The Most German Supermarket

Some of the biggest winners at Cannes were purpose-driven – from Edeka’s ‘The Most German Supermarket’ (picked by Charlotte Williams, Director of Content at Cannes Lions) to Carling Black Label’s ‘Soccer Song For Change’ by Ogilvy Cape Town. Both are stellar examples of provocative and impactful work.

The panel touched on some of the issues surrounding brand purpose, with Al Campbell of We Are Social urging brands not to do something with purpose for no reason. Brand purpose has to be, for want of a better word, authentic. Brands like Shell greenwashing just won’t cut it. The rest of the panel were in agreement, with Natalie Graeme (Co-Founder, Uncommon) arguing that brands need to evaluate whether they deserve to exist, and Katrina Dodd (Head of Trends, Contagious) reaffirming that if you’re going to embrace some kind of purpose, it needs to be central to your brand.

AI and Data

Ogilvy Brazil for Forbes

The machines aren’t coming for our jobs just yet. Charlotte Williams led her AI discussion with a pearl of wisdom from Alicia Hatch, CMO of Deliotte Digital – “AI is good at patterns, it’s the job of creatives to connect the dots”. Charlotte called for an end to the paradigm of data vs creativity, urging agencies to recognise that data is not an end but a tool to be utilised. Karen Boswell’s (Head of Innovations at adam&eveDDB and Founder of TwoSpeciesLtd) pick of standout work was Ogilvy’s work for Forbes with Transparency International, an AI-centred campaign raising awareness of corruption.

The panel questioned the future of AI, with Simon Gill (Chief Creative Officer, Isobar) considering the potential for a breakthrough piece of work in VR and AR. He also mentioned the addition of Social & Influencer as a category this year, linking to the largely unexplored territory of virtual influencers (cue audience groans). Katrina closed with a positive note, reminding us that, as with previous technological advances, we’ll find a way to figure things out.

Transparency and Trust

Brands have to show transparency and clarity. What does this actually mean? As Charlotte Williams points out, people trust brands who share their beliefs. This also means brands need to ‘fess up when they mess up. Case in point is that KFC FCK ad. If you’ve been living under a rock this year and haven’t seen it, it’s well worth a look.

Rothco and The Times, JFK Unsilenced

Another stellar campaign was ‘JFK Unsilenced’, winner of the Creative Data Grand Prix. What does this have to do with trust and transparency, you ask? Well, Rothco was tasked with repositioning The Times as a paper that represents many voices. They used existing audio of JFK to recreate a speech he had written which called for America’s leadership to be “guided by the light of learning and reason” and to challenge those who would “confuse rhetoric with reality”. With technology that could now have a huge positive impact on ALS sufferers, The Times’ speech that never happened sits just on the right side of fake news.

Surprise and Delight

Shot on iPhone using Cheetos Vision. Yes, that’s my dog.

Last up, some tips on the work that surprised and delighted the speakers. Jo McCrostie (Head of Creative, Global Radio) champions her medium, noting how “audio is the place you can really afford, as a creative, to be playful”. With that in mind, she picked ‘Break The Taboo’ for Sociedad Argentina de Urologia Buenos Aires by Grey Argentina as a piece that really surprised her. Rectal examinations aren’t often advertised in a non-visual medium, so it’s a great spot if you’re interested in writing for audio and perfecting the ‘twist’ in your script.

Candace Kuss’ (Director of Social Media, H&K Strategies) pick for surprise and delight was Bihor Couture by McCann – a true David and Goliath tale that proves creative work doesn’t need “giant media buy” to be charming an impactful.

Karen Boswell’s pick was “surprising and fun”, reminding the jury not to take themselves too seriously amid all the talk of brand purpose. She chose Cheetos Vision, an AI camera that finds Cheetos snacks in everything it sees. Bonus points for parodying Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’.

Panel highlights included ‘Bodyform Blood Normal’ by AMV BBDO (preach!) and Kiwi Shoe Polish’s long copy ad. Ogilvy Chicago’s work, featuring the shoes of greats like Muhammad Ali and Amelia Earheart is a welcome reminder that long copy is not dead. As Katrina points out, our tube journeys would be nothing without all those ads to read (I’m looking at you, Jack Daniels). Long live the written word.

So, there you have it. Brand purpose, AI, data, trust, and some tips for work that will surprise and delight.

Written by @sophielockx 


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Shiny Career Surgeries

One of the hardest things starting out is getting feedback from the people who might potentially hire you. Getting in front of thought leaders to hear their opinion of what works and even more crucially what doesn't.

The Shiny Awards are putting on an event this month that gives you the opportunity to hear exactly what these thought leaders think. They've pulled together a panel from Boiler Room 4:3, Universal Music, Warner Bros, Caviar and Stink to give filmmakers feedback on their work and next-steps career advice.

After the panel session there'll be networking drinks with the panel and all attendees, giving audience members the chance to network too.

If you're a filmmaker you can apply here.

If you'd love to be in the audience we've been given a special discount on tickets for YCC. To claim, click to buy a £15 audience ticket and apply the discount code YCC, the audience ticket will then cost £10.

When: Tues 17th July, 7pm - 9.30pm
Where: Stink, London
More info: here.

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se. xx

#garethsouthgatewould patiently read this whole post and promptly go about ticking off every item on it. so be like gareth and you'll win the world cup too, guys



Raf Simons set up a permanent camp in my admiring heart not just via the anemic pastels and shoulder pads with albatross-sized wingspans in his Fall 2018 show back in February, nor through his “dad shoe” (heavy Audi edition) collab with Adidas, and NOT EVEN with CK 205W39NYC’s latest collection taking preppy to the next level with all its shameless Ivy League branding. It was, in fact, in his appearance the film Dior and I. Spoiler alert: he cries, I cried. The documentary followed the designer’s first collection as creative director at the major French label we all know and love, founded by one serious Anglophile. Anyway, this emotional journey of me and Raf is all but a precursor to the V&A’s announcement that they will host the largest Christian Dior exhibition IN HISTORY next year. So we’ve got a long time to gnaw on our nails in anticipation - tickets will be available in September. Make sure you bag ‘em.


The summer vibes are falling on us heavy like a plague of flying ants. Oh wait that’s not even a simile that’s ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN ZONE 1 RN. Ignore the sensation of bugs on your face with another scent o’ summer which is everyone’s favourite kitschy 70s apéritif - NO, not YOU, Aperol, we’ve had more than enough of you - Campari!!! Get a sensible dose of Red Passion at this new exhibition of the Italian bevvy’s classik advertising posters dating from the 1920s all the way through to hippie-era 60s. Down it, fresha.

BBC Radio 4’s Reith Lectures for 2018 have begun, kicking off with historian Margaret MacMillan exploring humanity’s twisted and complicated relationship with war. If you’re not the type to listen live on ‘the wireless’ then download the talks instead. Makes for more educational listening than jamming to Juice Wrld on the Victoria line AGAIN, with all his cheap samples and melodic rap A.K.A. everything people will tell you is wrong with hip hop today. But give yourself ten mins anyway to enjoy the vid for it by Cole Bennett, the animator famous for backing lo-fi Soundcloud traxsters, like Natalie or Black Papa. If you’re the type who likes <500 plays on your music then you about to cream, son. And if you’re not careful you gonna end up with Famous Dex. Music wormholes ftw.


Mortadella parties!!! Who knew entire soirées could be devoted to the pale pink foodstuffs that kinda looks like salmonella on a stick but other people have said it’s edible sooooo away you munch! (gotta love social norms, right?) Bright Restaurant, the new very well-received opening up in London Fields, is gonna be kicking back this Sunday with Federico Orsi for some meaty plundering on his Romagnola pigs that are fed on barley, fava and wild herbs. Meat taste guuuuud.



Clips from the K hole? On second thoughts, no thx, but if you want to get pretty damn close check out the selection of moving image works by artists from visual arts society The London Group in a series entitled ‘Altered States’. Someone cue Ron Trent. If you missed it during the Waterloo Festival that just passed then no fear, because you can catch up on the action on their Vimeo.



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Creative Paths

Not an Ad grad but want to be in AdLand? Well don’t we have an event for you! We’ve teamed up with Creative Conscience and IPA to bring a host of inspirational creatives together to talk us though their creative path into the industry.

Meet the Panel:

Prabhu Wignarajah

From Forensics to Copywrirting @ AMV

Mathew Dunn

From illustration to Art Director @ W+K

Shannie Mears

From Dance & Performance to Co Founder & Head of Talent @  The Elephant Room

So grab your tickets and join us on Wednesday 4th July at IPA HQ (44 Belgrave Square, SW1X 8QS). 6pm, sharp.


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Single Mingle – D&AD New Blood

Are you an art director or copywriter seeking a partner in crime? Well you've come to the right place.

At D&AD New Blood, we're hosting a Single Mingle to help you form a creative team – and then take the adland by storm.


Read more

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Creative Stories From Cannes

Can you get enough of Cannes? If you can't we've got a jolly good treat lined up for you to keep Cannes going for another few weeks at least.

Creative Social are hosting their annual Cannes round-up and as per usual it's unmissable. It's not till the 18th July so there's still time to get tickets. RIGHT HERE.

The lovely lot from Creative Social have also given us two tickets to give to two lucky emailers. So if you fancy risking it ping an email to holly@youngcreativecouncil.com all we ask is that you take some snaps and give us a write-up to share with the unlucky ones who didn't win or get tickets in time.

Be sure to get in quick cos it's always a sell-out. The only thing we can't guarantee is free-flowing rose wine.

See you there!