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Your weekly helping of creative juicing comes now from a man who probably needs no introduction, AG Rojas. Award winning director and all round awesome dude. Dive right in and enjoy...

YCC : So for anyone who doesn’t know much about you can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

AGR : I'm a filmmaker based in LA. I direct music videos, commercials and short films. I have a 5 year old Fox Terrier named Luca.

YCC : How did you get into directing?

AGR : I knew I wanted to direct ever since I was 14. I was accepted into Art Center College of Design when I was 17 and dropped out a year later. When I was 19 I began working at music video production companies and directing on the side, investing all the money I made back into my work. People began noticing my videos in 2010 and I was then able to support myself strictly from directing.

YCC : Who are some of your inspirations / influences?

AGR : Too many to name. Everyone from Cronenberg to Rothko to di Corcia [below].

YCC : What piece of advice would you give to young people trying to get into the creative industry right now?

AGR : First, use whatever resources you can to travel. Traveling will affect you in ways that aren't always apparent, but will inform your work. Then, find a job in the film world and spend all your money on creating original work. Music videos are a great way to get noticed, but you have to have taste and choose artists who are interesting and who you believe are on the verge of breaking out. Surround yourself with creative people who are better than you.

YCC : You’ve worked on some incredible projects, what has been your favourite and why?

AGR : My video for Jack White comes to mind. It was a really fun, relatively stress-free experience. I had the complete confidence, trust and resources from Jack and his label.

YCC : What are your must haves on set?

AGR : Laughter.

YCC : What projects do you have in the pipeline at the moment?

AGR : I'm currently sitting in an edit suite in Beirut, cutting a commercial I just shot. After this, a few more commercials and hopefully a music video or two sprinkled about. I've just finished music videos for Portugal, The Man and Spiritualized which will be coming out soon.

YCC : How do you feel about advertising?

AGR : It's incredibly stressful and you have to fight to make it creatively rewarding. But you get to make money traveling the world, so it's worth it.

[Below AG Rojas - Olympics ad for O2 + Nike’s priority sports app]

YCC : Can you tell us about the journey you take when concepting a music video for a band?

AGR : It's always different. Sometimes an idea pops into mind after the first listen of a song, but usually it takes a week of staring blankly at your laptop. I only pitch on music videos when I'm convinced my idea is the only one that should be made.

YCC : What’s your favourite thing on the internet at the moment?

AGR : The trailer for Mikey Please's new short.

YCC : How do you stay creative?

AGR : I run a company with my friend Vincent Haycock called Mainline. Our first project is a series of documentaries for Dazed: //

YCC : What’s the strangest thing thats ever happened on a shoot?

AGR : On the set of Sixteen Saltines, a thirteen year old cast member fainted out of nerves. She was ok, but it was definitely a first.

YCC : Lastly, do you have any interns? And if so how do we apply?

AGR : I don't have interns, but my company Caviar Content is always looking. They're only for college credit and students can apply at:

So if you’ve fallen as in love with AG as we have head over to for more of his stuff. Peace out.

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