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Well, don’t we have a treat for the type geeks amongst us?! This weeks score brings you Andrei Robu, lettering and illustration specialist who has designed for some of the worlds biggest brands including Nike and Coca-Cola. His typography is enough to make any designer drool so close your mouth and read on!

YCC : So, where in the world are you as you write this and what are you doing there?

AR : Hi and thanks for having me on your lovely website! For the following months you can find me in Bucharest, Romania, but around October I’m planning to move to Bangkok, Thailand. What am I doing? I’m a graphic designer specialized in branding and type lettering. I’m having fun painting, drawing letters and logos for clients around the world.


YCC : Can you tell us what projects you're working on right now?

AR : I’m drawing identities for a beach tent camping, a college and a bookstore. Also I’m working on a new typeface, which will probably take me another couple of months. I’ve started painting. I want to do an art show with these calligraphic inspired pieces. You can see them on my Instagram. Painting is also very relaxing and you can disconnect from a stressful environment. (clients can be a pain sometimes).

IMG3YCC : What is it that drew you to lettering?

AR : Can’t say for sure.. but I think it began as a child when I discovered graffiti. It was love at first sight. I spent hours looking at the end of hip-hop mags, where they had the graffiti section, trying to decipher what in the world they were writing. That was happening over 20 years ago and since then I haven’t stopped drawing letters, in one form or another.


YCC : On your website you say you gained a BA in Graphic design but consider yourself to be self-taught. Why is this?

AR : Well, unfortunately the design schools in Romania are not as good as in other countries, so the few that are really passionate about this must study on their own. I know that’s the case with lots of students around the world. Thank God for the internet.

YCC : You also say you have dabbled in tattoos. Is this the design only or have you actually inked anyones skin?

AR : Well, I used to be a tattoo artist for a few years, back in highschool and college. It was a way to make some money doing what I loved, so it was cool. But it was hard work and gave it up after I discovered I can do more money just illustrating in Flash. 🙂 Tattoos still are a big inspiration to me and I spend a lot of time studying them.


YCC : If you weren't in this business what do you think you would you be doing?

AR : I’d still end up an artist. Painting and drawing. I’m not always a patient man, I need my time away from people, so this suits me well.

YCC : When you get a new brief in, what is your creative process?

AR : It’s really simple. After so many years in the business I only need a pen and paper. I start to think, trying to find cool twists and ideas. I sketch it out, then switch to the computer and digitize it.

YCC : Is this a process that you have perfected over the years and stuck to or does it change with every brief?

AR : I guess you may say it’s perfected over the years. I’d say it has something to do with your maturity as a designer. With time you learn how to approach each new client, how to talk with them and give feedback. It’s not only about drawing a nice logo but knowing how to sell it.. and to do that it has to have a concept and to solve the given problem.


YCC: How much of your work is experimentation? And out of those experiments, how many actually work?

AR : Everything is experimentation. When you start in this business you get to copy the masters, try to redraw their work and understand what was going on in their mind. After a few years you get to a point when you can draw any style.. but that’s not enough. There are many types of designers. Some are great at finding really good ideas. Others have great drawing skills. I’m trying to be both. There’s not another way to develop these skills if you’re not constantly at the drawing table and work your ass off! You have to keep drawing and learn from each experimentation.


YCC : What is the soundtrack of choice in your studio right now?

AR : //

YCC : You have had some amazing clients in your career. Who was your favourite to work with and why?

AR : I enjoyed working with almost everyone of them. Of course there are a few exceptions but if you learn to say no to people, you’ll end up working with the best of them. Saying no makes you have more free time to make cool work, and that will eventually attract the eye of a good client. So after a while you will hopefully be asked to design only cool stuff. The best clients are the ones that trust you and let you design anything you want!


YCC : What is your favourite piece of work and why?

AR : Probably Jordan did it for me when he implemented my logos in every shoe and stores around the world. It’s nice knowing my work can be seen around the world by lots of people. Otherwise I really enjoy drawing script type. It’s very calming and rewarding when you discover some cool ligatures and swashes. I’m a type geek I know.


YCC : What keeps you inspired?

AR : Staying happy keeps me inspired. And for doing that I need the sun and going out. I’m also doing some traveling. After each 6 months of work I go away for 2. So in the past year I was away for 5 months and visited Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. That’s keeping my mind fresh. I found out that being happy and having a good energy attracts like minded people.

YCC : What would you say to any young people trying to make a name for themselves in your field?

AR : Being a designer is the most beautiful job in the world, you get paid to draw and play with colors. Do it with passion and you’ll live a happy life.


YCC : When you retire, what do you want to be remembered for?

AR : Shit, I don’t ever want to retire. I want to do this until the last moment. But now as I’m still here, I hope I can make people happy through my work. Thank you!

Thank you Andrei, it’s been a pleasure to talk to you and find out more about your work! I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more from you.

To see the full range of Andrei’s talents check out his website. He is also the founder of Typeverything, Designers go to Heaven and But wait, there is more! You can buy some of his work in his online shop. Yes he is, in fact, the busiest man in typography.

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