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This week’s score comes to you from a true legend of advertising Steve Henry. Maker of some of the most iconic adverts that we all know and love and founder of Decoded I need not say much to introduce him. Enjoy!

YCC : Would you start up an agency again, and if you did what would you do differently?

SH : I’d make it similar to HHCL, it would be all about the work. Most agencies now are more interested in money than work. Which makes working for them very frustrating.

YCC : What do you do to keep yourself inspired?

SH : Watch stuff, go to art galleries, talk to people.

YCC : What do you think is missing from the advertising industry right now?

SH : A passion for great work. A willingness to take risks.

YCC : What’s the most interesting thing a young creative has done to get your attention?

SH : Done great work.

YCC : What do you think makes a talented creative?

SH : The willingness to take risks. Loving stuff that’s new just because it’s new. Breaking out of formulas. Doing stuff where you think “We can’t do that - can we ?”

YCC : What project / piece of work are you most proud of from your advertising career? (And why?)

SH : Probably the launch of First Direct. The ad industry as a whole hated it, because we broke all the rules we could. The TV looked different from, the press, which looked different from the posters, which looked different from the cinema etc. etc. Every communication was different and polarising. In my view, it’s the only real brand in the financial market.

YCC : If you could set any briefs to students / grads right now, what would you like to see them advertise?

SH : Take a big brand (any big brand) and figure out how it can make the world a better place.

YCC : A lot of your work in adland was controversial, how did you sell this sort of work into clients?

SH : We had processes, that we developed. This influenced everything from how we presented work, to how we did research, to how we made the work. If an agency doesn’t have processes geared to producing outstanding work, they end up using their clients’ processes, which are usually all about covering your arse and not taking risks.

YCC : What one piece of advice would you give to young creatives?

SH : Take risks and have fun. It’s like that thing they say at Facebook “What would you do if you weren’t afraid …?”

YCC : What’s your perfect working environment?

SH : Somewhere I can write while listening to music.

YCC : How do you zone out when you don’t want to work?

SH : Yoga. Meditation. Music. Talking to friends.

YCC : Have you seen / done anything recently you would highly recommend to others?

SH : I’m not really involved in a lot of day-to-day advertising these days. But I’ve set up a company called Decoded which teaches people the basics of coding in a day. I’d recommend that … !

Hopefully you’re all feeling inspired to take risks and making some shit hot work. Have a great weekend guys.

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