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Nicer Tuesdays - February

It’s Nice That’s monthly edition of Nicer Tuesday’s had a stellar line-up and some solid nuggets of advice that left me eager to run out of the room and do some cool shit, as soon as they stopped speaking that is. With Carl Burgess of More & More studio, photographer Mirka Laura Severa, curator Olivia Ahmad and director Oscar Hudson you could not be inspired by their talent.

Carl Burgess - More & More

Pretty cool, this guy shut his design studio for 50 days to get the team experimenting and exploring their own creative processes. He said that over several years of non-stop commercial work they’d started to pick up learned behaviours and it was time to shake it up a bit. You’ve got to admire someone for closing up shop and just having a play.

Over the 50 days they worked on whatever they could think of, leaving them thinking:

“If you could make anything, what would you make?”

He said that when it’s that you find your own limitations when there’s no boundaries. Worth setting yourself the challenge right?

Mirka Laura Severa - Photographer

Mirka is one of those people you’re instantly envious of, this woman is not only talented at multiple things but she’s fearless too. As a photographer who works in constructed sets, she’s also a set designer and art director not forgetting great sketcher too, epic right?

The thing that had to be most admired about her was her approach,

Give it a go even when you have no idea if it’s going to work, or if you can do it, just finding a way.

She had this braveness to just go for it. Have the idea and just make it one way or another, her snowmen are a great example of this, shot on top of a glacier in September in very adverse weather conditions.

Olivia Ahmad - House Of Illustration

Olivia is a super interesting character as a curator of illustration exhibitions she puts a lot of her focus into uncovering gems that might not have got proper recognition in their time, people who have got lost in a pre-internet age. She’s like an archeologist of illustrators.

She shared with us the story of Jo Brocklehurst, an illustrator who was drawn to people on the fringes of society. Capturing club culture, theatre and more recognisably punks. What struck me most about Jo was her innovative approach to capturing NYC club culture, using UV paint to draw them, taking point that she wouldn’t have been able to see much.

Finding an innovative solution to creating your craft, which actually builds on it.

We all face many barriers when creating our work, how we make them work and work better is the interesting part.

Oscar Hudson

Last but not least was Oscar, creator of one of my favourite new music videos - Bonobo, No Reason. His approach to work has to be admired, he likes to create all his effects in camera which is definitely challenging. As he shared with us the need for GCSE physics coming into play.

There was a couple of things he said that really resonated for me, probably because many of us in advertising spend too much time at our desks.

“When I have an idea I like, I like to and make it, test it myself, see if it’ll work.”

We can all be known to spend too much time at our desks, it’s nice to be reminded that it really does pay off. The other thing was how other jobs and work and inspirations fed straight into his current work,

Picking up inspiration from everywhere else, finding solutions through experience and having an openness to them.

So many of us are set in our ideas, Oscar had this openness that enables his ideas to grow and ultimately become better for it.


The night was great, and now they’re based at Oval Space it’s a little bit easier to get a ticket. YAY. The only downside to the new venue is less free beer, but being healthy is cool now so why not?

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