Lecture In Progress

Question. Have you signed up yet? Because if you haven’t you seriously should. The lovely bunch over at It’s Nice That have launched a platform to fill you with BRAINSPIRATION. Finally, a site you can learn from that doesn’t look like it’s fresh out of the medieval windows 95 era. Check it all out.

There’s some pretty neat stuff up there already, and we’re sure there’s plenty more to come. (You have to sign up to see all the content – but it’s free so don’t worry).

If you’re a newbie still figuring out what role means what, what your job might potentially entail or just like nosing into people daily ins and outs this place is your heaven. We’ve picked out a few pieces we particularly enjoyed to get you started:

The UK’s first BCORP Ad Agency : 18 Feet and Rising.

Being a writing chameleon.

You don’t have to study advertising to end up in it.

We bet there’s going to be a mass influx of applications to 18 Feet and Rising with that 37 days holiday pretty soon. Enjoy fellow learning addicts!!

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