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damn daniel, it august and you ain’t even done your spring clean yet


Hands up if your weekend brunch hankerings are now starting as early as 4pm on a Monday. Hands up if you just really wished that London would fix up and dedicate an entire weekend to brunch. OK everyone with their hands up can bloody well HIGH FIVE each other because the FIRST EVER BRUNCH FESTIVAL is coming our way on the 1st September. I ain’t sorry.

Also Frank Prisinzano is doing his annual food tour around Italy at the mo and his IG story-hopping between Lake Como and the outskirts of Tuscany is making my gallbladder – which I suspect is of Italian descent somehow – ache with longing. It’s a crying shame but I have a feeling Covent G’s Bancone is gonna sort it all right out. There are clams with seaweed butter on the menu and what that means is I don’t even need to finish this sentence.


A paper outlining exactly how much we are cannonballing ourselves and our rapidly changing climate straight into ‘Hothouse Earth’ has had us sweating like Theresa in Brussels. And if for some barbaric reason it hasn’t, Al Gore’s coverage of the Mendocino Fire Complex – now California’s largest wildfire on record with an area measuring LARGER THAN FKING DALLAS – sure will. If you’re now burning with a need for action then check out the Climate Coalition and in particular Speak Up Week, where you can get your MP to sign the cross-party letter backing a zero emissions target by 2050, and also find or organise events near you. Do the right thing, violator.


GAIKA is the latest in the “I’m a creative director of everything I touch” series (notable alumni include everyone on your IG feed rn) boasting songwriting, performance art and a recent lookbook collection called ‘Armour in Heaven’ featuring Flohio and Mista Silva as models. He’s also political editor of Dazed, and I’m not sure if this is more of a joke than Dazed having a political editor in the first place. Sneeriness aside, his new album ‘Basic Volume’ isn’t half bad, and his multidisciplinary talents continue to manifest themselves through an interactive musical experience (jargon points thru the roof) at Somerset House, commissioned by Boiler Room and focussing on the irrepressible power of sound system culture – focussing on and coinciding with August Bank Hol’s Notting Hill Carnival, which I hope everyone is putting on their happy hats for!!!


THEEEE ULTIM8 LDN LOLS EXPERIENCE is back, you know what it is sons, itz Secret Cinema A.K.A a secret film (it’s Romeo & Juliet tho everyone knows that by now) in a secret location (I’m smug at where it is so 3 guesses which part of London we’re talking) with sooo many more secrets that you and your crew gonna feel like the human embodiment of Chinese Whispers. Snap up some tix for various dates throughout August. No one ever regrets.


Considering he was a complete giant in fashion, you probably never realised just how physically little Mr Azzedine Alaïa was. This exhibition at the Design Museum celebrating the late Tunisian designer features photos of him next to towering elastic supermodels that read almost like a series of comedy double acts. Next to these humorous bursts and the spectral dresses floating around in his signature sculptural style, what really breathes life into the show is the ‘Film Room’. Featuring a fashion short starring Linda Evangelista teasing males like it was 1986, and old runway recordings featuring (how could it not) the one who called him ‘Papa’: Naomi Campbell. It’s in these screenings that you get a real sense of “the Alaïa girl”, with all her sensual spontaneity and feminine invincibility. She’s happy-go-lucky but with a deep vamp pout and it works wooooonders.