AD’HER’TISING To celebrate International Woman’s Day 2017, we enlisted the help from creative #girlbosses and asked them what their words of wisdom would be to their younger selves. The ‘AdHERtising’ lockup was also designed by none other than Alison Carmichael.Project date: March 8, 2017 SEE MORE PROJECTS

Creative Politics

Creative Politics With Brexit dominating the political landscape, the UK election in 2017 was a heated one. To wade through some of the ways creatives had tried to influence the public, we joined forces with Edelman for an evening of entertainment. We had James Morris (Edelman), Nicki Field (Jelly), Rebecca Strickson (illustrator), Dave Henderson (Atomic), […]

Single Mingle – Above & Beyond

SINGLE MINGLE We brought offline for some quick-fire speed dates.Junior copywriters and art directors switched partners every five minutes to see if sparks would fly.Shout out to Above & Beyond for allowing us to use their space. Event date: February 10, 2020 SEE MORE PROJECTS

Video Crits

VIDEO CRITS 188 crits in just over nine hours. Every Tuesday for nine weeks, we gathered together a bunch of industry creatives to offer junior creatives portfolio advice over Zoom.   With the help of 44 industry peeps, including from as far afield as Zurich, New York and Mumbai, we offered 82 different junior creatives at […]

Covid-eo Crits

COVId-EO CRITS 18 weeks. 460 crits. 78 industry peeps. 111 different folios. When we started these Zoom crits we had no idea they’d last so long, have two spin-offs – one with Gloucestershire Uni and the other with Mother – and help 111 graduate and junior creatives/creative teams in the process. The format was simple, […]

Shit to Shit-Hot

SHIT TO SHIT-HOT When you’re starting your creative career, you can sometimes feel clueless. Maybe you don’t feel as creative as other creatives. And sometimes you might feel like you’re a bit shit! But if you think big creative directors weren’t as clueless as you might feel now, you’re definitely mistaken. We teamed up with […]

First Ad. Famous Ad.

FIRST AD. FAMOUS AD. When you’re starting out, junior creatives often see these award-winning ads, and aspire to make something like that. The truth is though, you’re very unlikely to make a great ad straight out the block. To prove this, we found a few creatives brave enough to show us their first ad, and […]

Crit Carousel

CRIT CAROUSEL We joined forces with VCCP for the Crit Carousel to offer an evening of quick-fire book crits with a various teams from the agency. 20 junior creative teams had the opportunity for feedback on their portfolio – with their faves potentially bagging a placement too. Event date: June 27, 2019 SEE MORE PROJECTS

Tips for contacting creatives

If you’re new to contacting industry professionals, this article should make it less daunting than it sounds. They’re just other human beings at the end of the day. But they do have a particular set of skills and a brain full of knowledge and opinions that you could, and should, be tapping in to. That’s […]

Free portfolio sites

Want to have an online presence but don’t want the expense of paying for your own website? While we’d suggest having your own website as you’ll have the ability to add your own URL, add personality and decide how things are displayed on screen, there are lots of options for people starting out, or wanting […]