Free portfolio sites

Want to have an online presence but don’t want the expense of paying for your own website? While we’d suggest having your own website as you’ll have the ability to add your own URL, add personality and decide how things are displayed on screen, there are lots of options for people starting out, or wanting […]

What should I be earning?

The days of being paid less than a shelf stacker at your local supermarket are nearly over. Because, along with crazy house prices and the real cost of living being stupidly high, agencies have realised that to attract and retain the best talent in the industry, you actually have to give them a decent wage […]

The best free stock imagery sites

Needing imagery for mockups, decks, moodboards or even an ad? While we’d always recommend commissioning a photographer or paying for a shot on Getty, iStock etc, we understand certain scenarios call for a bunch of great looking shots, that don’t cost a thing. So without further ado, we’ve compiled our favourite free stock sites for […]

Best websites for building a portfolio

As a creative, having an online presence is vital to showcase your work with potential employers. But with so many options out there, where do you start? We’ve compiled the ones used most often by fellow creatives below and give you the pros, cons and costs. Oh, and for the purpose of this post, we’re […]

Dear Ad-land

We appreciate 2020 has thrown us all one hell of a curveball, but when it comes to advertising – no one has been hit harder than our interns, our juniors and the thousands of young people across the country who are the future of our industry. And as more and more placements are being cancelled […]

Tips for crits

BE ON TIME Creatives are notoriously bad at time keeping – just ask any account manager who’s ever organised a creative review – but if you’ve been booked in, it’ll only be some sort of emergency that means they’ll be delayed in meeting you. That means you should be on time, or a few minutes early. However, […]

Tips for your folio

Your portfolio is your ever-evolving visual CV. It’s never finished – even when you’re in the industry. These tips are not exhaustive and aim to shape a book. They’re deliberately open-ended too, so that if everyone reads this, all your folios will still hopefully be different. Take your viewer on a journey Flicking through a good […]