Bang Bang Night No.3, Newcastle: Water Aid

On 20th March, we hosted our very first BANG! BANG! Night in Newcastle! With a room packed full of brilliant minds at Campus North we got our creative brains working to crack our Water Aid brief, in aid of 25 years of the UN’s mission to help to raise awareness about the world’s water crisis. Here’s a little bit of what we got up to…

We started the night with beer, Prosecco, sweets and cake (everything you need to start an awesome night!), and after a little intro from me we launched in the brief for the evening.

After splitting into teams, YCC-ers we tasked with coming up with a campaign, an app, a stunt – whatever they wanted to try and solve a problem like water. Using their creativity and researching facts the room was alive with brilliant ideas and flying sheets of A4 paper!

Once the hour is up it’s time to pitch.
Each team presented their ideas to their audience and it was followed by a vote…

And the winners were… “Dream Team” with their “Water for Water” Campaign. Wowing their BANG! BANG! Night YCC-ers with all their brilliant ideas for Water Aid and bagging a super-cool goodie bag of swag!

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