Let’s talk about Gender Equality in The North with Northern Power Women

We can all agree this is something we can’t get away from, fudge the facts or deny isn’t happening. Especially since the BBC you-know-what. However, let’s look for a moment at the positives, let’s look at what we’re actually doing to change the state of play.

As well as contributing here at the Young Creative Council I actively play a part as Creative Director and Ambassador for Northern Power Women. This is a collective that’s actively trying to accelerate the gender diversity divide in the North of England. Through engagement, networking, events and awards they look to showcase strong and influential role-models. People who are not only kicking ass but helping or sponsoring, mentoring and/or supporting other women to step into their field.

The Northern Power Women Awards is in its third year and the nominations open in September 2017, this event celebrates amazing women with categories including, One to Watch, Outstanding Entrepreneur as well as open-to-all awards that aim to highlight men and women making vital steps towards equality including Mentor of the Year, Agent of Change and Transformational Leader.

Northern Power Women also make note of its futures list which is you, those of you coming out of university, college, school and stepping into the world of work. Celebrating your talents, your achievements because no matter at what stage you are in your career you can always help someone – always aid change.

Using the Northern Power Women network, yearly awards, events, TEDx talks and much more they can help to harness the talent and accelerate gender pay equality – actively seeking change and pushing amazing people into the spotlight.

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