New Creatives ‘Firsts’ – artists callout

Do you remember your first experience going to a new school or starting a new job? How about the first time you fell in love, experienced heartbreak or pushed yourself to new extremes? If so, why not gift your story to us and the World!


We are the Rich Mix New Creative team 2017, a group of 16-25 year old artistic young people putting on an event (for the first time) on Thursday 15 February and looking for artists to collaborate with.

Welcome to ‘FIRSTS’, a multidisciplinary, interactive performance event which explores peoples ‘firsts’- from the first time they make a coffee to the first time they put on a Hijab.It will be an inclusive celebration of human experience through music, poetry, film and personal anecdote.

Thats where YOU come in!

As a multidisciplinary event, we are hoping to have a wide range of artistic talents in order to further communicate the inclusive atmosphere we want to create. Any creative element is welcome, from any background, religion, ethnicity.

 Your eventual piece must relate to our theme of FIRSTS; retell a hilarious or indeed heart-breaking tale of your first time experiencing anything that maybe did not quite go to plan, or went perfectly well. We hope to celebrate what makes us all human though your artistic portrayals of a first!

Note: What you send us DOES NOT have to be what you choose to perform in the event if you are selected.


  • Either pre-existing or original pieces in any art form which responds to the themes of FIRSTS
  • The eventual piece should be no longer than 10 minutes
  • The event will take place in the Rich Mix Main Space, which provides a large blacked-out stage equipped with excellent lighting and projection facilities; a tech booth and a DJ booth.
  • Submitted material must be 16+ friendly.
  • We are hoping to have audience interaction in the event so we would appreciate it if artists are comfortable with this. If not, this is also completely fine.
  • Keep the events date (Thursday 15th February)

What we can offer you!

  • An amazing opportunity for new and experienced artists alike to perform on an established and well publicised stage in the Rich Mix Main Space.
  • Rehearsal space provided throughout Rich Mix wherever available.
  • Furthermore, travel costs (within London/day travel card) and lunch will be taken care of and all artists involved will be included in the Rich Mix Promotion Campaign on social media platforms.

To Apply:

Join The New Creatives team and have your piece become part of ‘FIRSTS’

Please submit the following to

  • The idea for your work in writing
  • A 2-minute video of your performance, poetry, acting piece, dance, song etc. (email for further information on visual arts)
  • Your social media handles
  • Any technical requirements
  • Any dietary requirements

Deadline: Thursday 25 January


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