Partner up at SCA

What are you doing for the next four weeks?

Fancy teaming up with a copywriter, joining SCA, then working your ass off to put a portfolio together for their SCA Portfolio Day and Cream?

That’s the offer from Lina, a soon-to-be graduate of the world’s most award-winning ad school.

She’s after a creative partner who wants to join her for the next four weeks and enjoy all the perks of the course. These include enjoying the mentors’ help to get the best portfolio possible, useful masterclasses (recently from John Hegarty, Dave Dye and Peter Souter), and a place at Portfolio Day on July 17. And after that, SCA will have some great placements arranged for us.

Sounds good, right?

If you like her pitch, drop her a note before the end of the week (June 23).

“Hi, I’m Lina, ten months and a few days until I’m 29.

I can’t wink but when I try I can look like I’m having a stroke (could be really useful when we don’t want to pay at Nando’s).

I know someone who works for Nasa and a professional clown.

Last week I knocked on a Nobel prize winner’s door to help with a project, but his wife didn’t let me in so I went to a talk he was giving at Oxford University (he still said no, but he did it kindly).

I find my way into every event (sold out and invite only are my speciality).

I know a cheap clothes market where a Turkish stallholder guy is in love with me, so discounts are guaranteed.

And I’m a part of a Facebook group where I get free tickets for private preview screenings, but usually I don’t have anyone to go with, despite my 1620 Tinder matches.”