The Final Straw – creatives wanted

On Wednesday (Feb 21), Umbrella are pulling together a team of creatives to tackle a brief for @LonelyWhale. 

They want to follow Seattle’s footsteps and help London, the UK and hopefully the rest of the world get rid of plastic straws, for good!

500 million are thrown away in the States every day. And many end up in the oceans, killing them and their communities the planet over. If we can start by removing something as simple as plastic straws, imagine what we can achieve…

They’re looking for an awesome team of pro-bono freelancers who believe in this mission and are looking for a different way to donate to charity – you can donate brain cells, creative talents, hours in indesign… even coffee to keep their teams going.

So if you’re a campaign copywriter, creative duo, art director, designer, illustrator, filmmaker, social media guru or general doer that wants to get involved please email