Manchester’s School Of Thought is back

So the return of Manchester’s mini ad school is upon us, and this time they’ve got two programmes. Their course for students and grads is taking applications as we speak, and it’s on closing this Friday, so you better get cracking.

What’s in it for you? Over two months you’ll visit a top North West agency once a week, meet and receive wisdom from their creative director, before they hand you a good old brief. Then you’ll return to the agency three days later and pitch your ‘big idea’ to them and your peers.

Perfect for anyone looking to break into the creative industry, you’ll visit brilliant agencies, meet the coolest people, and most of all learn what sort of work the industry needs, and how to present ideas in this mad ad world.

The winner then gets three months paid placements at MMP, BBC Creative and Zeal.

No experience required, just answer three questions on the brief here.


Dear Ad-land

We appreciate 2020 has thrown us all one hell of a curveball, but when it comes to advertising – no one has been hit harder than our interns, our juniors and the thousands of young people across the country who


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