Student Awards Briefs

Always a competitive arena. Student awards briefs are a great way for you to get noticed by industry professionals. Most awards also allow people with less than a couple of years’ industry experience to also take part. Some are free, others will charge. But if you win, the accolades are priceless.

D&AD New Blood Awards

The standout awards for students. But that also means stiff competition. Most uni courses will probably use one of these as a module as you can choose from a bunch of briefs across branding, design, creative, tech, copywriting and more. Winners are announced during the D&AD New Blood Festival, which is usually in July.



Another popular student awards are from YCN. They have more of a design focus, but still require killer ideas. Briefs usually launch in November with the entry deadline around March.


Creative Conscience Awards

These briefs focus on social impact. You can enter anything you like, as long as the project fits into one of their Impact Themes. Shortlisted projects are judged by a panel of industry experts based on your creative approach and the potential impact of your project.


DMA Student Marketing Competition

Not the most well-known of competitions, but a good one to win. It’s usually one, fairly open brief that’s aimed at B2B audiences. Do something great and you’ve got a good chance. And as it’s judged by some of the best B2B creatives in the biz, it’s a good leg-up.


Chip Shop Awards

Rather than have anyone bend or break the rules of more exacting awards schemes, they decided the industry needed a platform where anything and everything was allowed. Check the entry categories and get scamping.


Tips for contacting creatives

If you’re new to contacting industry professionals, this article should make it less daunting than it sounds. They’re just other human beings at the end of the day. But they do have a particular set of skills and a brain


Video Crits

After last year’s 18 lockdown Zoom sessions, we’re back for more! Looking for agency feedback on your portfolio? Well, every Tuesday from 6-7:15pm we’ll organise 2 x 30 minute book crits with industry folk for as many people as we


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